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We manufacture and supply water leak detection systems, oil leak detection systems, temperature monitoring equipment and much more.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in house at our UK factory, giving us total control over manufacturing times and the ability to change standard designs to meet specific requirements and applications.

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Water Detection Alarms

Water Detection Alarms

Our large range of Water Detection Systems suit both commercial and domestic applications such as in server rooms, plant rooms, comms rooms, tea point areas and many more. Our systems are very easy to install and maintain.

Oil leak detection alarms

Oil Leak Detection Alarms

We have a large range of Oil Leak Detection Systems, the ideal uses are in fuel storage areas, tank rooms and plant rooms. Our alarm systems are easy to install and maintain.

room over temperature alarms

Room Over Temperature Alarms

Our Environmental Alarm Systems monitor server rooms, cold stores, archive stores and blood or medical stores and many more applications. Our alarm systems are easy to install and maintain.


What water detection system would you recommend for an office tea point and a shower room on the same floor?

I have just turned on your water detection alarm for the first time, one of the “sensor fault” lamps is red, the other is green and the audible warning is on. What does this mean?

Can you include our Logo on your product label?

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