Water Leak Detection Systems

Water Leak
Detection Systems

Designed to identify and respond automatically when a leak is detected

BREEAM Water Leak
Detection Systems

Designed to identify and respond automatically when a leak is detected

Fuel / Oil Leak Detection Systems

Fuel Oil Leak
Detection Systems

Fuel Oil leak detection systems are designed to detect the presence of leaking fuel oil, kerosene and diesel.

Water and Liquid Leak Detection
Room Temperature Alarms

CMR Electrical is a family run business that has been operating since 2003. We design and manufacture all of our products in-house allowing complete flexibility for every product to be customised to meet user requirements.

We supply a wide range of products including water, oil and fuel leak detection systems, BREEAM water flow detection system and room temperature alarm systems. Our technology can be used in a wide range of locations including server rooms, comms rooms, data centres, office blocks, tea point areas and kitchens.

Our products and systems have been sold to customers in over 70 countries around the world.

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Our Blogs highlight what is happening in our industry, new CMR products and enhancements to existing CMR products.

BREEAM Water Detection

CMR Electrical design BREEAM Water Detection units to detect major water leaks within a building. If required, our leak detection systems also detect leaks in the mains water supply, between the utility companies meter and the building’s boundary. Our BREEAM water detection systems meet the requirements of the BREEAM Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). This enables […]

Water and Liquid Leak Detection

8 zone Wireless Water Detection Alarm

Upgraded new product! We have upgraded our original wireless water detection system for homes, office blocks and commercial properties. Our latest leak detection product can now detect water leaks in up to eight different areas. The wireless water detector sensors are easy to fit and do not require an electrician. There is no need to […]

Bunded Tank Oil Leak Alarm Type ODT2-1

We have just designed a new oil tank leak detection alarm that is designed to be fitted into a bunded oil tank. Our leak detection unit has been designed to help store diesel safely. There is a huge responsibility to ensure that oil does not escape from a tank into the surrounding soil and water […]

CMR Electrical are expanding their UK based manufacturing facility

Expansion of manufacturing premises to meet growing demand After careful consideration and analysis of our growing global and domestic markets, CMR Electrical are expanding their UK manufacturing facility. This expansion aims to meet the increasing demand for our temperature, water and oil leak detection alarm systems. It will enable us to expand our workforce so […]

water leak detection sensors

Oil Leak Detection Product Upgrade

We have upgraded our oil leak detection systems to allow each zone to be fitted with up to two sensors. Both the OLS2-3, 2 zone alarm and OLS4-3, 4 zone alarm products have been updated, allowing between 1 to 4 sensors on the OLS2-3 and between 3 and 8 sensors, on the OLS4-3. Unlike […]

Underground Water Pipe leak Detection Alarm and Shut Off

We have seen an increase in the number of enquiries for water leak detection to monitor underground water pipes. Applications include water supply to cattle drinking troughs, farm outbuilding or hosepipe points, to monitoring water pipes between  domestic houses and outbuildings such as greenhouse, garage or swimming pool. Underground water leaks can go undetected for […]

WLW water leak detection for houses and flats

CMR Electrical have launched a new water leak detection system specifically for houses and flats. Available in both 1/2″ (15mm) and 3/4″ (22mm), the WLW has been designed to provide peace of mind by protecting houses and flats 24/7 from water leaks, burst pipes or unintentional water usage, i.e., leaving a tap flowing. Monitoring the […]