LD Series
At CMR Electrical we have over 25 years of experience in providing our clients with solutions to power distribution and water and oil leak issues, and in that time one thing has become apparent; although the problems that we deal with are of a similar nature they often occur in very unique scenarios. Because of this we offer a wide range of leak detection hardware that is suitable for practically every environment imaginable, taking into account issues that can be caused by a myriad of sources. In this article we’ll look into some of the common areas that water leaks can occur in and also advise you of some of the products that we offer to provide you with the peace of mind that you’ll find out if you have a leak before it becomes a bigger problem.

Servers and IT Equipment

Server Room
You might not be aware, but the modern day water detection systems that we offer at CMR were originally introduced due to the void that was present under the mainframe computers of yesterday. As these voids became filled with pipe work the need to detect potential leaks became evident. In this modern era mainframe computer rooms have become far less common place, with the modern PCs, Macs, laptops and tablets having steadily replaced the need for a mainframe, however many businesses still use servers that contain valuable data in the form of backups and shared drives that employees company-wide may need to have access to work effectively. Having a water leak near any electrical equipment is obviously dangerous, but near a server of this nature can be catastrophic, so it makes sense to invest in a detection system to limit any damage in the event that a leak does occur.

Archives and Physical Records

Archive Room
Whilst most modern companies keep digital records, there is still a legacy of paperwork that many companies still have in archives, and whilst these records may not be accessed on a regular basis they can be invaluable. Unlike digital records or shared drives, damage to physical records can be catastrophic and in some cases the information can be irrecoverable. Most archives are kept out of the way and visited infrequently meaning that a leak can potentially be left unchecked for days on end before being noticed, by which time the damage may already have been done. Utilising a water detection system you can afford yourself the time needed to act on a water leak before any major damage is done, and for systems that utilise water shut-off valves any continued damage can potentially be stopped altogether.

Kitchens and Tea Preparation Areas

Tea Area
Tea preparation areas and small kitchens can often be located in cramped spaces where compromises need to be made on where electrics and water pipes are located, and of course a water leak can be a danger to those who use these areas. Water leak detectors can be used to ensure that not just leaks from water pipes are detected but that potential spills will cause an alarm to be raised if they cause a danger.

Water Detection Systems

We offer a wide selection of water detection systems that come with a whole host of features and numerous options for how you want to be alerted to a water leak, from a simple visual warning to an audible alarm, or even text alerts. Some of our alarm systems can even come with water shut-off valves that isolate the affected area from receiving further water. Each of our alarm systems have been designed with a specific number of areas or zones in mind, and dependent on the areas that you need covering and the risk of leaks, some leak detection systems will be more appropriate for you than others.

Single Zone Alarm System

Repeat alarm type SCA
We offer a single zone water detection system; the LD1V which is limited to utilising the supplied 3 metres of interconnecting cable as well as 5 metres of standard water detection cable, and whilst this means that it needs to be positioned near to the source of any potential water leak or in areas such as kitchens, drink preparation areas or around vending machines, it’s local nature means that it will be quick and simple to discover the location of leaks. Whilst it’s limited in the areas that it can cover; the LD1V is a fully featured systems and can stop a leak from continuing by closing a water valve using a valve shutdown override facility. The LD1V can also be connected to a Building Management System (BMS) or an existing alarm system.

One and Two Zone Alarm System

One and Two Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD2
Our LD2 water detection system expands on the capabilities of our single zone water detection system by adding in an additional zone. This system has been designed to monitor critical areas for water leaks via spot sensors or linier cable, and one of the great features of this unit is that any number of spot sensors or a maximum of 50 metres of linier water detection cable can be connected to each zone. This unit also utilises visual and audible warning alarms, but once the source of water has been removed and the sensors have dried you’re required to push a mute button to confirm that the source of the leak has been resolved. You’ll also be notified of which zone the alarm has been triggered in, allowing you to identify the source of the leak quicker and with greater ease. We also offer an LDV2 variant of the one and two zone alarm system that includes a water shut-off valve which operates in a similar fashion to the one present in our single zone alarm. All of our water detection systems include a battery backup so that in the event of power failure a leak can still be pinpointed to one of a potential sixty four zones.

More Zones

Water Alarm Type LD64
The LD4, LD8 and LD64 water detection systems includes a similar feature set to the LD2 system but for premises where two monitored zones aren’t enough. These systems provide you with additional zones to monitor for leaks, and the LD4 monitors either three or four zones, the LD8 monitors between five and eight zones and the LD64 is the most versatile and can measure between four and sixty four zones. At CMR we design and manufacture all of our water detection systems in-house to ensure that we can maintain control of both the standard of design and manufacture, but also so that we can provide you with realistic expectations of lead times. One of the big benefits of this is that all of our systems can be custom designed, so whilst we feel that the LD1V through to the LD64 provide a great range of devices, if you don’t feel that these systems suit your needs just let us know and we can discuss the possibility of designing a bespoke water detection system for you.

At CMR we are committed to providing you with peace of mind that the areas of your business that are at risk, such as the aforementioned server rooms, archives and tea preparation areas, are safe and that your staff and property are protected by being alerted to water leaks before they cause critical problems. We have a wealth of experience behind us, and we’re here to help, so if you have any questions about any of the LD series of products, any of the other products that we offer, or if you want to discuss a bespoke system that you require producing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by completing our online contact form, by sending an email to sales@cmrelectrical.com, by calling 01825 733 600 or by sending a fax through to 01825 714 729.

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