Battery Powered Leak Detector – Type RFWD

Introducing CMR Electrical’s latest innovation in water detection alarms – our battery powered leak detector. We have designed this versatile leak detection sensor for flats and houses. It can function as a standalone unit or seamlessly communicate with our Wireless Water Leak Alarm unit using radio signals, completely wire-free.

wireless water leak alarm requiring no interface wiring to remote sensors

Summary of features:

  1. Advanced Leak Detection: The battery powered leak detector provides reliable and efficient leak detection, offering both standalone functionality and seamless integration with a remote alarm unit via wire-free radio signals.
  2. Easy Installation and Expandability: With wire-free operation and flexible connectivity options, the system can be easily installed in various areas without the need for complex wiring. It also allows for scalability, enabling the addition of more sensors as needed.
  3. Convenient Monitoring and Control: The remote alarm unit provides comprehensive monitoring of up to four sensors, displaying real-time alerts for low battery, malfunctions, or detected leaks. It offers intuitive control features and the ability to manually shut off the water supply if necessary.
  4. User-Friendly Design: The sensor’s user-friendly design, powered by standard “AA” batteries, allows for easy installation using hook & loop (Velcro) tape. The included water sensing cable can be cut to the desired length, ensuring a customized fit for different environments.
  5. Enhanced Security and Notifications: With features like sounder beacon and text messaging integration, the system ensures immediate and attention-grabbing notifications, even in nois

Advanced Features for Effortless Leak Detection and Monitoring

Built-in Audible Warnings and Remote Alarm Integration

Our water leak sensor is equipped with its own “Battery Low” and “Water Detected” audible warnings, making it easy to identify leaks directly from the sensor itself. Alternatively, for enhanced monitoring capabilities, the sensor can transmit these alarms to a Wireless Water Leak Alarm using its own 868MHz signal.

Flexible Installation and Expandability

With the flexibility to connect between one and four remote sensors to an alarm unit, our system provides wire-free water leak detection in a wide range of areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, basements, and other challenging locations where running cables would be impractical. Adding additional sensors is a breeze, ensuring scalability and adaptability to suit your specific needs.

User-Friendly Design and Battery Optimization

Each battery powered water leak detector is powered by two “AA” batteries, offering a convenient and portable solution. The sensor comes with hook & loop (Velcro) tape, allowing for effortless installation on walls, tiles, skirting boards, behind toilets, or under sinks. Additionally, a one-meter length of water sensing cable is included, which can be easily cut to the desired length using a pair of scissors. By checking for water leaks every 20 seconds and entering sleep mode to preserve battery life, our sensor ensures long-lasting operation. It automatically resets once the sensor cable is dry, providing efficient and reliable performance.


Comprehensive Monitoring and Control with the Wireless Water Leak Alarm – Type RFWD

Efficient Monitoring and Alert System

Our Wireless Water Leak Alarm offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities for up to four remote sensors. It provides real-time alerts for “Low Battery,” “Not Working,” or “Water Detected” statuses, allowing you to take immediate action in the event of a leak. The main screen of the alarm unit displays the overall status of all connected sensors, notifying you of any necessary battery replacements or detected leaks. For detailed information about the status of each sensor, intuitive touch screen buttons are available, providing enhanced control and customization.

Advanced Control and Security Features

In addition to monitoring, the alarm unit offers advanced control features. It can automatically shut off the water supply when a leak is detected, preventing further damage and minimizing potential losses. Furthermore, in emergency situations, the alarm unit allows manual control over the water supply, providing an added layer of safety and convenience.

Expandable Functionality and Enhanced Notifications

For additional functionality, the alarm unit can be equipped with a sounder beacon and text messaging unit. This ensures that you receive immediate and attention-grabbing alerts, even in noisy environments or when you are away from the unit. By integrating these features, our system offers an all-encompassing solution for water leak detection and security.

Discover the unparalleled peace of mind that comes with CMR Electrical’s battery-powered water leak detector. Take control of potential leaks, safeguard your property, and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology designed for effortless monitoring and enhanced security.

Sensor Specification

Sensor size11cm high x 6.5cm wide x 3cm deep
Detection cable length100cm can be cut to any length
Battery type2 x AA
Battery lifeNo alarms 2 years
Battery low warning Yes
FixingSupplied with Hook & Loop (Velcro) tape
Max time to detect a leak25 seconds
Audible warning Double beep every 20 seconds for leak, single beep for low battery
Max distance from alarm unit 40 metres
Radio Frequency868MHz

Alarm Unit Specification

Size18cm wide x 13cm high x 8cm deep    
Supply voltage95-230VAC 50/60Hz 3 amp
Display2.8” LCD, TFT touch screen
Common alarm outputVolt free contact for use by BMS or alarm system
Common Fault outputVolt free contact for use by BMS or alarm system
Optional water shutoff12VDC motorised ball valves from 15 to 50mm pipe size
Optional Sounder BeaconCombined mutable 110dB pulsing sounder a red flashing beacon
Optional Text messagingSend a water leak text message to 1 or 2 mobile phones

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