How to prevent water damage

This article highlights how to prevent water damage in your home and discusses what signs you need to look out for.

A report by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) states that water damage is the most expensive type of claim for insurers in the UK. This accounts for 30% of the total claim’s costs. The report also found that the average cost of an escape of water claim in the UK is around £2,600.

Tea Point Technical Illustration
Technical illustration showing how our Water Leak Watch can be fitted to the mains water supply coming into a building.

Impact on your Home Insurance?

Water escaping is the leading cause of home insurance claims in the UK, accounting for 30% of all domestic claims! The financial impact of water leaking from or into a neighbouring property is significant, with the damage estimated at £2.8m per year.

The list of leading causes of Home Insurance claims are:

  • Escape of water 30%
  • Fire & explosion 17%
  • Theft 14%
  • Domestic subsidence 6%
  • Other domestic claims 13%
  • Accidental damage 11%
  • Weather 11%

    Key figures for Home Insurance Claims

    • Escape of water is the leading cause of home insurance claims in the UK.
    • 1.23 million home insurance claims are made per day
    • Insurers pay out £1.8m per day for home insurance claims
    • Home insurance claims have an 82% acceptance rate
    • Almost a third of claims are escape of water related

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          What are the dangers of a water leak?

          How to prevent escape of water and water damage in your home?

          How can you be proactive in preventing a water damage leak to your home

          By far the most effective way to prevent water damage to your home is to be vigilant and check and maintain your appliances regularly. This is especially true in preparation for the winter where water pipes are more likely to burst. Explore this link from the Met Office for more comprehensive insights on ‘Keeping your home warm this winter’.

          However, this is not always possible when you are busy with work and family commitments. An alternative solution is to invest in a Water Leak Detection Alarm.

          Benefits of installing a Water Leak Detection Alarm: Effortless Leak Identification

          Water Leak Watch (WLW)
          RFWD Wireless Water Leak Alarm

          For large Flats and Apartments, we would recommend installing our Water Leak Watch (WLW). This water leak alarm utilizes advanced technology to ensure effective water damage prevention. By continuously monitoring the flow of water entering your building, it quickly detects any unusual patterns. Upon detection, the system promptly raises an alarm and automatically shuts off the water supply. A useful feature of the Water Leak Watch is the ability to enter the unit into ‘Holiday Mode’. This allows you to significantly reduce the water flow to the property when you are absent from the property for an extended period. This will reduce the chance of a water leak, but still top up you water heating tank if needed.

          Our latest RFWD Wireless Water Leak Alarm can now detect water leaks in up to eight different areas. We have designed the main alarm panel to communicate with our wireless water leak sensors. You can place these leak detectors in various rooms, up to 60m away from the main alarm unit. Each sensor is equipped with a one-meter length of water detection cable, which can be easily cut to fit its specific environment. Additionally, you have the option to include a water shut-off valve into the system. This automatically turns off the water supply upon detecting a leak. Mitigating water damage and safeguarding your property. For added security and peace of mind, the unit can be fitted with an optional SMS text messaging unit. This feature will send an alarm in the event that no one is in the property at the time of the water leak.

          Technical illustration to show how the RFWD Wireless Alarm can be installed in a large home

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