Underground Water Pipe Leak Detection

Underground Water Pipe Leak Detection – Effective Solutions by CMR Electrical

Are you facing an increase in enquiries regarding water leak detection for monitoring underground water pipes? Look no further than CMR Electrical for effective underground water pipe leak detection solutions. We specialize in providing advanced technology to address these concerns. We have provided effective leak detection to cattle drinking troughs, farm outbuildings, greenhouses, swimming pools and more. Our expertise covers a wide range of applications.

Undetected underground water leaks can have severe consequences for the environment and lead to significant financial losses. Burst pipes are not the only culprits when it comes to water wastage. Faulty ball valves, automatic watering systems or any appliances requiring a water supply can also contribute to this issue. Explore our article on ‘How to prevent water damage’ to discover valuable advice on safeguarding your home from potential water damage leaks.

Applications and Benefits of the BLDA-2


We have engineered the BLDA-2 Underground Water Pipe Detection System to cater to your specific needs. This advanced alarm system is designed to effectively detect pipework leaks. In doing so, it will identify wastage caused by faulty equipment. This can include tank ball valves, worn-out water pumps, and old water softeners.

The BLDA-2 Water Leak Detection is Flow based and looks for unusual water flow patterns.

An Alarm will be raised when:

  1. Water Flow Rate exceeds a set value.
  2. Water Volume exceeds a set value.
  3. There is no break in the water flow for a set time time period (indicates constant leak)

You can easily adjust these parameters using push buttons inside that Alarm Panel.

When the Alarm is triggered a shutt-off ball valve can be activated to automatically shut off the water supply. An optional Flashing Beacon and SMS Text Messaging Unit can also be fitted.

Further reading on BREEAM Water Detection

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For more guidance on how to set up and programme the BREEAM Water Detection do have a read of our installation manual.

Further information on how to achieve BREEAM credits can be found on the official BREEAM website.

Breeam Water Leak Detection System

For more information Get in touch with us here at CMR Electrical, so we can advise you on the best water leak detection system for your application or click to see our Water detection product range.