Underground Water Pipe leak Detection Alarm and Shut Off

We have seen an increase in the number of enquiries for water leak detection to monitor underground water pipes.

Applications include water supply to cattle drinking troughs, farm outbuilding or hosepipe points, to monitoring water pipes between  domestic houses and outbuildings such as greenhouse, garage or swimming pool. Underground water leaks can go undetected for months if not years and is both damaging to the environment and  costly if left for long periods of time. Its not just burst pipes that waste water, faulty ball valves or appliances such as automatic watering systems or swimming pool equipment or anything requiring a water supply that becomes faulty can  waste water.

So, what solutions can CMR Electrical offer

We have two systems, one to detect either leaking pipework or wasted water due to faulty equipment such as tank ball valves, water pumps or water softeners etc.,  the other just looking for pipework leaks.

The WLW  system  is flow based and looks for unusual water flow patterns or constant water flow, i.e. water never stops flowing. The purpose of the unit is to monitor the water leaving the source, raises an alarm and turn off the water if the flow exceeds adjustable pre-set limits. Flow limits include excessive water volume, excessive water flow and excessive water flow without a break.

Find out more about our WLW Water Leak Detection System.

The second system is our WPLD alarm  that only looks for water leaking from pipework. This unit monitors the water flow at each end of the pipe and turns off the water supply if the source water volume exceeds the pipes end water volume i.e., if the source water volume is 10 litres and the pipes end water volume is only four litres, we can presume a six litre water leak from the connecting pipe.

 More information about our  water pipe leak detection alarm

For more information Get in touch with us here at CMR Electrical, so we can advise you on the best water leak detection system for your application or click to see our Water detection product range.