Preventing an Expensive Water Leak During Winter

6 Ways to Prevent an Expensive Water Leak During Winter

LD8-2 alarm unit, beacon, detection cable and shut off valve When it comes to stormy weather and freezing temperatures, your plumbing and pipes can be at risk during winter. In order to prevent leaks that can cause damage to your home, the following actions can be taken in preparation for winter.

  1. Protect Pipes From Freezing

Water can easily freeze inside of pipes and water systems during very cold weather, which causes them to burst. A burst pipe can cause major problems to your home in minutes and will cause lasting damage if water is left to run all day while you are at work. To reduce the chances of water freezing in pipes, make sure any uncovered pipes are insulated using a foam blanket, which you can find in DIY outlets.

  1. Fix Leaks Straightway

If you notice a dripping tap or a puddle of water in your kitchen – don’t ignore it. You should make sure you fix even the tiniest leak at the first instance rather than wait for a larger crack to develop. You can try to fix the leak yourself if you are handy, but if you aren’t then ask a professional to do the job for you.

  1. Drain Your Water Heater

Some areas of the UK have harsher weather than others, which means that sediment can build up in your water tank. Flushing your system out can reduce the chance of leaks occurring and will prevent rust finding its way into your drinking or bathing water.

  1. Put Your Outdoor Hose Away For Winter

When putting away all of your outdoor furniture for winter, make sure you pay attention to your outside taps. You should disconnect your hose until next spring, keeping it wrapped and stored safely. Leaving your hose connected could lead to the water left inside freezing, which will cause the pipe to expand and possibly cause issues with connecting pipes and faucets too.

  1. Close Shut-off Valves Leading Outdoors

If you have shut off valves inside that lead to outdoor taps, make sure they are closed off. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but you may forget when you are preparing for other winter jobs.

  1. Look Into Water Leak Prevention Systems

While all of the above steps are great ways to prevent leaks in your home, the fact is, you can never be too careful. By looking into water leak prevention systems you can detect a leak as soon as it happens, which will prevent bigger problems from occurring down the line. Water leak detectors can be placed in any area that has pipes and water systems, such as the kitchen, bathroom, utility room and office kitchen areas.

By following these simple steps and investing in water leak prevention systems you can prepare your home for winter and prevent costly disasters.


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