WLW water leak detection for houses and flats

CMR Electrical have launched a new water leak detection system specifically for houses and flats.

Available in both 1/2″ (15mm) and 3/4″ (22mm), the WLW has been designed to provide peace of mind by protecting houses and flats 24/7 from water leaks, burst pipes or unintentional water usage, i.e., leaving a tap flowing.

Monitoring the flow of water entering the building, the WLW raises an alarm and automatically shuts off the water supply, if any unusual water patterns are detected, thereby minimising damage to the building and its contents.

Being programmable to suite user requirements, the alarm unit is connected to a 1/2″ or  3/4″ flow sensor and water shut-off valve, fitted just after the internal stopcock.

The unit displays in real time the current flow in L/Min, the time water has been flowing without a break and the volume of water that has been consumed within a single flow period, giving instant feedback as to how close the system is to cutting off the water supply due to unusable water flow.

This unit can also be used to monitor underground water pipes for leaks as well.

Additional features include, “holiday mode” used when occupants are away for long periods of time, “Sleep Mode”, this feature stops the flow monitoring for up to eight hours and “Help” to give useful information about the operation of the system.

The unit can also be fitted with a remote water leak detection cable or spot probe to instantly shut down the water supply when a leak is detected.

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Why do I need Water Leak Detection?

Water leaks and burst pipes can cause extensive damage to a house or flat and in buildings with multiple occupancies (HMO), damage to the flat below.

Whilst the cost of repair can run into the thousands of pounds, the cost in losing precious possession’s such as photos, treasured possessions or the Constable painting that’s been handed down through the family, is incalculable.

In addition to the cost, dealing with water damage is both stressful  and inconvenient.

Water damage can also lead to long term problems such as the of mould growth, warped flooring or swollen items made from composite board such as kitchen units.

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