Water leak detection for houses and flats

CMR Electrical presents its latest innovation: a state-of-the-art water leak detection system tailor-made for houses and flats. Our system ensures 24/7 protection against water leaks, burst pipes and unintentional water usage.

Available in both 1/2″ (15mm) and 3/4″ (22mm) options. The Water Leak Watch (WLW) is meticulously designed to detect irregular water patterns and take immediate action. An optional Flashing Beacon and SMS Text Messaging Unit can be installed for added peace of mind.

This Water Leak Detector can also be used for underground water pipe leak detection.

How does the Water Leak Watch work?

Install the Water Leak Watch conveniently near the mains water supply, positioning it just after the internal stopcock. Also connect the flow sensor and shut-off valve (22mm or 40mm) to the same mains water pipe.

The WLW Alarm continuosly monitors the water flow coming into the property. A large LCD display will show instant feedback for:

  1. Current Water Flow Rate in L/min.
  2. Time water has been flowing without a break.
  3. Volume of water consumed within a single flow period.

When the water flow exceeds these settings an alarm is triggered.

You can effortlessly adjust all these settings using the touch screen interface.

Tea Point Technical Illustration

Usefull Features of the Water Leak Watch

Holiday Mode

Utilize the touch screen to enter the Water Leak Watch Alarm into “holiday mode.” This mode restricts the water flow rate to a minimal 1L/hour, effectively minimizing the risk of water leaks to your property while you are away for extended periods. As a result, not only will this feature reduce the likelihood of water damage, but it will also contribute to decreased water consumption and subsequently lower utility bills.

Sleep Mode

Activate the “sleep mode” on the Water Leak Watch Alarm. By enabling this feature, flow monitoring will temporarily cease for a duration of up to 8 hours. Consequently, the system will promptly raise an alarm if there is excessive water usage within a short period. This proves to be highly useful when filling up a pond, replenishing water in a hot-tub, or maintaining a swimming pool. After the 8-hour period, the Water Leak Watch will automatically reset and resume its regular monitoring of water flow into your house.

Visit our product page: Domestic Water Leak Detection – Type Water Leak Watch to discover more information on how this system is an effective water leak detection for houses and flats.

Why do I need Water Leak Detection for Houses and Flats?

Water leaks and burst pipes pose a significant threat to houses, flats, and especially to buildings with multiple occupancies, where the damage can extend to the flat below.

The cost of repairs alone can reach thousands of pounds, but the true value of irreplaceable possessions like cherished photos, treasured possesions or family heirlooms, is immeasurable.

Beyond the financial burden, dealing with water damage is both highly stressful and inconvenient, disrupting your daily life and routine.

Moreover, water damage can lead to long-term issues, such as the growth of mold, warping of flooring, and swelling of composite board items like kitchen units. These complications can have lasting impacts on the integrity and functionality of your property.

Explore our article on ‘How to prevent water damage’ to discover valuable advice on safeguarding your home from potential water damage leaks.

For more information Get in touch with us here at CMR Electrical, so we can advise you or view our range of  water leak detection systems.