We manufacture and supply water detection systems, oil leak detection systems, temperature monitoring equipment and much more. We design and manufacture in house at our UK factory giving us the ability to change standard designs to meet specific requirements and applications, whilst ensuring we have total control over manufacturing times.

Our technology is used for a wide range of applications across many different business types and we service customers across the globe. Here are a few examples some of the customers that we service and the equipment they buy.

Water Detection for a “Rain Room” exhibition at the Barbican Centre London

Two RWM water detection modules we provide to the Barbican Centre London to provide an alarm if any water from their 'Rain Room' exhibition leaked out of the controlled area.

Water Detection for a swimming pool plant room area in Doha Saudi Arabia

A two zone LD2 water detection system was provide for an under ground swimming pool plant room in Saudi Arabia. Because the plant room was under ground the unit was required to advise of a water leak before the plant room filled with water and damaged all the expensive pumps and equipment.

Water Detection at Glasgow’s new hospital

A large number of water detection units type RWM were provided to Memdes Ltd to detect water leaks from air conditioning equipment. Each RWM was provided with a different length of water detection cable and the RWM was selected as only a volt free alarm contact was required for connection to the buildings Building Management System.

Water Detection for a large office block at Gracechurch Street London

We provided a number of water detection alarm systems to PIP Electric Ltd for an office building in Gracechurch Street London. The floor on each level consisted of the concrete slab and a raised false floor provided to cover all the services. Twenty eight systems were required in total to cover the 16 floors. This consisted of 14 x 1 zone LD2, 8 x 2 zone LD2 and 6 x 4 zone LD4 and provided protection from water leaks in shower rooms, tea point areas, catering areas, server room and plant rooms.

Water Detection at Heathrow Airports Terminal 5

We provided 35 water detection modules type RWM to BMSI Ltd. All 35 were provided with a different length of leak detection cable and were used to look for water leaks from toilet areas. The RWM water detection unit was selected as only a volt free alarm contact was required for connection to the Buildings Management System.

Water Detection Aalarm Providing Protection from Leaking Pipework in a Care Home in Crawley Surrey

A care home in Crawley East Sussex, suffered from a number of water leaks from several toilet pots in a new build. The problem was only discovered after the corridor walls on both sides were found to be damp and the wall paper started to peel off at floor level. In order to find the leak all six rooms were taken out of use, the entire corridor floor was stripped back to the concrete slab and the plaster board on both sides of the corridor removed to a height of 50cm. On examination, it was found that water was leaking from a number of badly fitted plumbing joins in each of the six toilet pods. All pods backed onto the corridor walls and over time, dripping water had saturated the corridor floor and walls with water. To alert maintenance staff in the future of any water leaks within the six toilet pods and the corridor area, we provided an 8 zone alarm system, an SMS text messaging unit, a non-flashing beacon and eight different lengths of water detection cable. The 8 zone alarm and SMS text messaging was mounted out of sight in a cupboard. The beacon was mounted within the corridor and had to be non-flashing as flashing lights can cause epileptic fits in those who suffer from epilepsy. The SMS text messaging was used to alert maintenance staff of a leak as the alarm units audible warning and alarm lamps were behind a closed cupboard door. Each of the six toilet pots was fitted with water detection cable and positioned underneath the pipe work, sink, toilet waste pipe and toilet cistern. The corridor floor was fitted with two zones of water detection cable to raise an alarm if any water managed to find its way into the corridor.

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