“Why do I need a water leak detection system in my home, after all, I’ve never had a water pipe burst”? That’s true, nor have I in my home, however we were contacted by a lady who wanted a leak detection system to shut off both the hot and cold water supplies to her kitchen if a leak was detected. The Lady went on to say that she had just replace the hallway carpet, expensive living room carpet and kitchen floor due to water damage. During our conversation she went on to say that the damage was not caused by a bust water pipe, faulty washing marching or dishwasher, but by her own stupidity.

Apparently she had put washing up liquid and the dishcloth into the kitchen sink before turning on the taps to wash up some dishes, when the phone rang. On answering the phone, she had became immersed with the conversation and wondered into the garden. Having finished the call and on returning to the kitchen, she was horrified to find water all over the floor. Rushing to the sink, she turned off the taps only to find that the dishcloth was covering the overflow pipe stopping the water from escaping into the overflow hole.

To stop this happening again, we supplied her with our LD1V water leak detection kit, a 15mm water shutoff valve for the cold water supply and a 22mm water shutoff valve for the hot water supply. We also recommended that the water detection cable be run under the sink, washing machine and dishwasher for full protection.

If you would like more information, then feel free to browse our water leak detection products.

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