LD32-2 System


CMR Electrical have updated their LD32 multizone water leak detection system. The new system like its predecessor, has been designed to continuously monitor a large number of areas for water leaks. Water leaking from tea points, vending machines, kitchen equipment, water purifying equipment etc. can cost thousands of pounds to rectify as well as causing massive disruption. Over the years, we have heard a number of stories from customers who when asking for a quotation, say “it wasn’t until the water started pouring down the wall from the ceiling that we knew we had a leak” or in one case that we know cost millions of pounds to rectify, “it wasn’t until water started pouring from the ceiling onto the servers within the server room….”. CMR Electrical have a wide range of water leak detection systems, ranging from a one zone for tea points, through to 32 zones for large buildings. We also manufacture a range of flow based water leak detection alarms to meet the requirements of BREEAM. All products are designed and manufactured within our UK based factory and are easy to install, economic and reliable.



New LD32-2 main features.

LD32-2 main alarm unit

                    • Large 65mm x 115mm LCD touch screen graphic display with RGB backlight to show the status of all zones at the same time without the need of “Page” or “Next” buttons.  “Mute Alarm”, “Light” and “System Information” touch screen buttons.
                    • On board audible warning device to alert local operators of a problem, alarms latched until Mute button is operated to give indication of transient water leaks. The zone status will flash to give easy identification of all current zone Alarms or Faults. Common Alarm, New Alarm, Common Fault & Power Fault output relay contacts for onward signalling to BMS or remote alarm system.
                    • On screen System information button showing the total number of fitted zones, total number of fitted outstations, total number of current alarms, total number of current faults, Last zone in alarm and last zone in fault.

LD32-2 outstation

                    • Up to 32 zones can be monitored using 1, 2, 3 or 4 zone remote outstations i.e. 32 x 1 zone outstations, or 16 x 2 zone outstations, or 10 x 3 zone outstations, or 8 x 4 zone outstations, or any combination of outstation zones to a maximum of 32 zones.
                    • All outstations are communicated to over an RS485 data and power cable via 4 core cable.
                    • Each outstation has its own common alarm relay to give local alarm indication. Individual leak detected and zone fault lamps are fitted inside the remote outstation giving local Alarm/Fault indication when locating a problem, without the need to keep going back to the main control unit. Power to all outstations is provided from the alarm unit.
                    • Additionally the system can automatically turn of the water supply to individual or all zones when a leak is detected, Send a text or email when an alarm is raised, activate a remote beacon or mutable sounder beacon, operate Individual alarm relays allowing the status of each zone to be displayed on a BMS system and can have a 12 hour battery backup.




Do you need more detailed information on our LD32 system, perhaps you need something larger like our LD64 detection unit or do you just want to look at our water leak detection product range . If you need more information about our product range including oil leak detection,  room over temperature alarms or cant see a product to meet your application, click to Get in touch with us here at CMR Electrical or phone 01825733600.

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