CMR Electrical has updated it’s one and two zone alarm unit. The new unit called LD2-2, is based on the well established LD2 range that has been on the market for 11 years. Over that period the old LD2 has been adapted to meet specific customer needs. To facilitate customer requirements, the old LD2 would require modification to the main PCB, inclusion of additional PCBs for shutdown valve control and a larger housing for both shutdown valve control and battery backup.

The new LD2-2 water leak detection alarm has been designed to includes all our customer requests over the past years on the same set of PCB’s with the same footprint meaning that the size and looks of the new unit is exactly the same as the old. The new design also allows for upgrades to existing systems in the field with just the change of the internal PCBs.

LD2-2 Standard Features

  • Large 8mm diameter indication LEDS.
  • Internal audible warning device with “Mute” push button
  • Individual sensitivity adjustment for each zone allowing damp areas to be de-tuned.
  • Common Alarm output volt free contact for onward signalling to a BMS
  • Common Fault and Power Fault output volt free contact for onward signalling to a BMS
  • Zone 1 and 2 test alarm push button to stop sensor erosion.
  • Lamp test facility

LD2-2 Optional Features

  • Individual zone alarm volt free output contact for onward signalling to a BMS
  • Output supply or supplies to common or individual water shutdown valves with internal shutdown override push button.
  • Output to flashing beacon or sounder that is on all the time the unit is in alarm.
  • Output to sounder or flashing beacon that will turn OFF when the “Mute” push button is operated.
  • Output to flashing beacon that is on all the time the unit is in alarm but the sounder turns off when the “Mute” button is operated.
  •  Ten-hour battery backup
  • Alarm SMS text messaging

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