1 and 2 Zone Oil Leak Alarm type ODS2-2


We have upgraded our oil leak detection systems to allow each zone to be fitted with up to two sensors.  Both the OLS2-3, 2 zone alarm and OLS4-3, 4 zone alarm products have been updated, allowing between 1 to 4 sensors on the OLS2-3 and between 3 and 8 sensors, on the OLS4-3.

Unlike oil leak detection cable, our optical leak sensors are reusable after detecting a leak, requiring just a quick wipe of the sensing bulb to reset the sensor for the next leak. Whilst oil detection cable has the advantage of giving a larger detection area i.e., surround an oil tank footprint, it has 4 disadvantages. 

Disadvantages of using oil detection cable

1)    Time to activate, in our tests it took over 5 hours to detect a small leak and over an hour for a large leak.

2)   Re-usability, once the cable detects oil it becomes useless and must be replaced.

3)  Oil spill onto the cable by maintenance staff is costly as the cable must be changed.

4)  Cost, we paid £148.42 for a 1.5 metre long test cable although you can buy it for less direct from china without connectors.

Liquid leak sensor sensors

Leak sensor type OSP for inside use

Oil leak sensor type OSPW for outside use

PPS oil leak sensors for bunded tanks and pipes

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