Leaking Water Pipe
Water is a valuable commodity beyond compare. As human beings we need it just to survive, and whilst it’s available in abundance on our quaint blue and green planet, we do have a horrible habit of wasting it. Whilst this may seem like we’re gearing up for a ‘save the planet’ rant, rest assured, that’s not the aim here. The infrastructure that we have in place to distribute water in this country is exceptionally effective when compared to that of other countries, we have clean flowing water available at our command almost everywhere we visit, whether we’re in need of a refreshing glass of the stuff or need to have a wash. Whilst our water distribution infrastructure is exceptionally good at what it does, it isn’t without its flaws. Water leaks can occur from anywhere, whether from a burst pipe or just an ill fitted connection, and these leaks can cause more than just an inconvenience. The potential cost of damage that can be caused to a property, and the cost of excessive water waste combined with interruption to general operations can be very costly to your business or organisation. Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to minimise these unexpected costs.

Investigate High Risk Areas

Flooded OfficeTo save yourself from the hassle that comes from an unexpected water leak, it’s important that you assess what areas of your business are most at risk. This requires two steps, the first being assessing which areas of your business would be most affected during a water leak. This can be for everything from electrical equipment such as server rooms, filing rooms, places where irreplaceable items such as works of art are stored. Essentially anything that is of value to your business or organisation that would be irreparably damaged if it was to come into contact with water. Once this has been assessed, you need to assess where potential threats can come from. These could be from nearby water pipes, possibly located in walls, pipes contained under the floor or in roofs and ceilings, or any other source of water that could potential cause an issue. For some buildings these threats are unique, for instance; back in 2013 CMR Electrical installed water detection systems in a ‘Rain Room’ exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London. Whilst this was for a very specific issue, it’s important to be aware of what risks of water leaks could threaten your assets.

Invest in a Water Detection System

Ceiling LeakThe next step is pretty self-explanatory, once areas and assets that are at risk from water damage, and the potential source of the leaks have been addressed, it’s time to get the equipment that you need to warn you of these leaks as soon as they happen. At CMR Electrical we provide a wide range of products designed to handle different tasks. We can provide water leak detection systems that can cover small specific areas such as one or two zone alarm systems, or for those who want a system that will cover a large number of areas we can provide systems that cover up to sixty four zones. Our water detection systems come with a number of ways to alert you when a leak has occurred, including visual indicators, audible alarms and SMS/text alerts. For all of our equipment we provide the necessary accessories that you will need to have a fully functional water detection system.

The Cost Saving Benefit

Whilst these systems won’t remove the threat of water damage to your assets, what they do is alert you to the threat as and when it occurs. It would be far cheaper to be aware of a water pipe that has begun to leak nearby a vital filing system, and having the time to deal with it swiftly, rather than find out that the majority of your files have been ruined by a leak that went undetected for months. For some areas the option to be immediately notified is invaluable, particularly to art galleries where priceless works of art can be ruined by even the slightest contact with water.

What CMR Electrical Can Do For You

At CMR Electrical we feel that a water detection system must be effective but not be intrusive, so our systems don’t interfere with the intended purpose of the room they are placed in. We feel that zoned systems are ideal for most locations, as they are safe and reliable, and rarely give off a false alarm like systems that use cumulative resistance techniques can be prone to do. Our water leak detection equipment is designed to operate in a variety of different areas and under a wide array of stresses, from detecting leaks in tea preparation areas and wet rooms, to protecting expensive assets such as the ones that we gave as examples in this article. We also provide specialist equipment for water pumps, as can be seen in many of our previous articles.

If you want to find out more about how our water leak detection systems work and how we can help you be made aware of these leaks before they interrupt your business and cause down time, then please do get in touch. You can contact us using our online contact form, by calling 01825 733 600, or send an email to sales@cmrelectrical.com.

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