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BREEAM Water Leak Detector – Type BLDA-2

Designed to meet the requirements of BREEAM WAT02 and WAT03 water leak detection accreditation. The BLDA-2 BREEAM Water Leak Detector looks for major leaks within the building as well as the supply pipe feeding the building known as the boundary.The system is fully user programmable with output alarms and onward meter pulses for external water flow metering by a Building Management System.

This BREEAM Water Leak Detector is identical to the BLDA1-2 system with the exception that the system uses two pulsed water meters: one to monitor water flow inside the building, the other external (boundary) to the building. The advantage of this is alarm system is that it can identify whether the water leak is outside the building from a burst mains water pipe or inside.

Water Meter Sizes that can be used?

The singel zone BREEAM Water Leak Detection – Type BLDA1-2 and the two zone BREEAM Water Leak Detector – Type BLDA-2 can use:

Water meters ranging in size from 1/2″ (15mm) to 2″ (50mm) and Flanged Water meters from 2 1/2″ (65mm) to 20″ (500mm)

When does the BLDA-2 go into alarm?

The BREEAM Water Leak Detector will not only flash but also emit an audible alarm in the event that the water flow surpasses a predetermined level. For example, if the water flow rate exceeds 140L in a 10-minute interval, the Alarm Panel will activate.

Additionally, the Alarm Panel will go into alarm when there has been a constant flow of water over an extended time period. For example the Alarm Panel can be set to check if there has been no water flow for 2 minutes in a five hour time period. This means that an Alarm will be triggered if there is no break in water flow that lasted longer than two minutes in the five hour time window.

Advantages of using the BLDA-2 BREEAM Water Leak Detection

User-friendly – With its large digital display, you can easily monitor the current water flow through the supply water pipe.

Fully Programmable – Push buttons inside the Alarm panel allow you to adjust the criteria required for your building. This will include:

  1. Size of the water meter (1L/pulse, 10L/pulse, or 100L/pulse).
  2. Threshold of water usage (L/time) for both High and Low periods of water usage.
  3. Continuous flow alarm time periods.
  4. High Flow time periods for different days of the week.

Control – Use the ‘Mute’ button to silence the audible warning. Press the ‘Water On’ button to reset the system and turn the water supply back on.

BREEAM Criteria – the BLDA-2 Alarm is WAT 02 and WAT 03 accredited.

Flexibility – the Alarm Panel can be easily connected to a Building Management System. For greater control you have the option of installing a ball-valve to shut off the water supply. Additionally, you can choose to have a Sounder Beacon and a SMS Text Messaging Unit fitted.

Further reading on BREEAM Water Detection

To delve deeper into our compliance with the WAT02, WAT03, and WAT04 criteria, we invite you to explore our informative blog post titled “BREEAM Water Detection.”

Further information on how to achieve BREEAM credits can be found on the official BREEAM website.

For more guidance on how to set up and programme the BREEAM Water Detection do have a read of our installation manual below.

Optional Equipment
Water Shut Off Valve - to stop a leak at it's source SMS Text Messaging System - sends a text to up to 3 users Beacon Sounder - for remote alarm indication 12 Hour Battery Backup
BREEAM Water Leak Detection – Type BLDA-2 can use water meters ranging from 1/2″ (15mm) to 2″ (50mm)
BREEAM Water Leak Detection – Type BLDA-2 can use flanged water meters ranging from 2 1/2″ (65mm) to 20″ (500mm)

Why we use Actuated Ball Valves

CMR Electrical were one of the first Water Leak Detection companies in the UK to use Actutated Ball Valves. Read this article to discover the Benefits of Actuated Ball Valves in water detection systems. Find out why we rarely use Solenoid Valves.

Standard Features

  • Fully programmable to suit users requirements
  • Constant Flow Alarm, initiates an alarm and turns off the water if the water flow is constant
  • Two adjustable monitoring levels, Occupied (High Flow) and Unoccupied (Low Flow)
  • Programmable flow monitoring periods for both High and Low flow periods
  • Water meter reading, Max & Min flow counters. BLDA-2 unit also includes Boundary loss counter
  • Audible and visual warnings for High Flow, Low Flow. BLDA-2 system also includes boundary loss
  • Easy to navigate display system and one time setup procedure
  • Back lit, four line alphanumeric display to show clear readings and alarms
  • High flow alarm volt free contact for remote alarm monitoring
  • Low flow alarm volt free contact for remote alarm monitoring
  • Boundary alarm volt free contact for remote alarm monitoring (system BLDA-2 only)
  • Water shutdown valve control Volt free contacts to allow any shutoff valve to be used
  • Inhibit alarm / shutdown time period facility – to allow occasional known high volume water
  • Shutdown valve override facility
  • System will interface with either Reed Relay or Solid State water meter pulses
  • Input water meter pulses can be set to 1, 10 or 100 litres per pulse
  • Solid state output meter pulse provided for remote monitoring by a BMS

Optional Features

  • Remote mutable Sounder Beacon
  • SMS text messaging unit
  • 12-hour battery backup and power fault output relay to BMS

Data Sheet

Installation Manual

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