BreEAM Water flow
detection systems

BREEAM WAT 02 & 03 Two Zone Water Leak Detection System BLDA-2

Designed to meet the requirements of BREEAM WAT02 and WAT03 water leak detection accreditation. BLDA-2 system looks for major leaks within the building as well as the supply pipe feeding the building known as the boundary.The system is fully user programmable with output alarms and onward meter pulses for external water flow metering by a Building Management System.

Optional Equipment
Water Shut Off Valve - to stop a leak at it's source SMS Text Messaging System - sends a text to up to 3 users Beacon Sounder - for remote alarm indication 12 Hour Battery Backup

Sized at 180mm wide x 180mm high x 80mm deep, a major water leak detection system where both Internal and External (boundary) detection is required.

This unit is identical to the above BLDA-1 system with the exception that  the system uses two pulsed water meters, one to monitor water flow inside the building, the other external (boundary) to the building.

This unit also has an additional “Boundary”  current and maximum loss counter to help in setting up the unit. A shut down water solenoid can be fitted to both the inside and or the outside (boundary) of the building to stop the flow of water. This system also meets the requirements for BREEAM WAT 02 and WAT 03

Data Sheet

Installation Manual

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