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BREEAM WAT 04 Water shut-off system – Type BPIR

Application of the BREEAM Water Shut-Off System

We have designed the BREEAM Water Shut-Off System (BPIR) to meet WAT 04 (Water-efficient equipment) criteria. The BPIR system consists of an infra-red controller and one or more motorised ball valves. The system effectively turns off water flow during non-occupied periods in areas such as changing rooms, WC, or any wet area. As a result, this significantly reduces the chance of water leaks and wastage due to faulty taps or toilets.

How does the BREEAM Water Shut-Off System works?

The infra-red sensors boast a wide coverage area of 6m in diameter. When a person enters the room, the sensors activate and send a signal to the BREEAM Water Shut-Off System, prompting it to open the ball valve. Similarly, when the infra-red sensor determines that the room has remained unoccupied for a specific duration, it then triggers the ball valve to close, thus ensuring the water supply is shut off.

Flexibility of the BREEAM Water Shut-Off System

    • Valves of different sizes ranging from 15mm to 32mm offer a variety of options.
    • To ensure comprehensive coverage, it is possible to control up to three valves.
    • The time delay on infra-red sensors is adjustable, allowing for a minimum duration of 5 seconds and a maximum duration of 15 minutes.
    • You can use any number of infra-red sensors to ensure full coverage of your area.

    Standard Features:

    • 230VAC PIR no need for external power supplies or equipment
    • Wall or ceiling PIR sensors are available
    • Non occupancy valve turnoff periods settable between 5 second and 15 minutes
    • Any number of PIR sensors can be connected together
    • Detection range: 6m diameter and a height of 2.5m
    • PIR can also be used to turn of the lighting
    • Efficient Low power shutoff valves
    • Shutoff valves only run warm; some other solenoid valves can reach 95°C
    • Shutoff valves can be fitted to the pipe in any direction or orientation.
    • Zero flow or water pressure loss, suitable for power showers

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