Fuel / Oil Leak Detection Systems

Fuel Oil Leak
Detection Systems

Fuel Oil leak detection systems are designed to detect the presence of leaking fuel oil, kerosene and diesel.

Welcome to the world of fuel oil leak detection! Our team has engineered advanced systems that promptly alert you to the presence of leaked fuel oil, including kerosene and diesel. Our cutting-edge technology will enable you to detect oil leaks in storage tanks, fuel pumps, and bunded fuel tanks with exceptional accuracy. Additionally, our systems proactively address concerns such as pipe in pipe leaks and fuel leakage from generators. Our primary objective is to actively prevent environmental damage, protect public health and safety, and minimize economic losses resulting from oil spills. Join us in ensuring a secure and sustainable future for all.

Bunded Tank Leak Detection – Type ODT2-1

Effective detection of diesel leaks in bunded tanks We have designed the Bunded Tank Oil Leak Detection Alarm to continuosly monitor for oil or diesel leaks in a bunded tank. An advanced optical sensor is fitted in between the inner and outer layers (void). When a leak is detected the Alarm unit will promptly flash, […]


Oil Leak Detection Alarm 1 or 2 zones – Type ODS2-3

ODS2-3 Oil Leak Detection Alarm: Innovative Solution for Oil Leak Detection Our team has meticulously designed the Oil Leak Alarm to provide continuous monitoring of one or two zones, effectively detecting oil leaks or spillages. You can apply this versatile solution to a wide range of applications, such as generators, oil tanks, and other equipment […]


Oil Leak Detector 3 or 4 zones – Type ODS4-3

ODS4-3 Oil Leak Detector: Innovative Solution for Oil Leak Detection The ODS4-3 Oil Leak Detector shares similarities with our smaller Oil leak Detector Alarm Type OS2-3. The main difference is that it can detect oil and diesel leaks in three or four zones. This feature makes it an ideal solution for continuosly monitoring large industrial […]


Optical Leak Sensor with Relay Output – Type OSP

Applications of the Optical Leak Sensor – Type OSP Discover the exceptional capabilities of the Optical Leak Sensor – Type OSP. Engineered to detect various liquids, including water, fuel, and oil. This advanced leak sensor offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. The OSP Sensor features a volt-free output relay contact, seamlessly integrating with your existing alarm […]


External Optical Leak Sensor – Type OSPW

We have designed the External Optical Leak Sensor – Type OSPW to continuosly monitor critical areas for any non-conductive liquid leaks (diesel fuel/oil). This is an ideal solution for detecting oil leaks in bunded areas or drip trays where there are oil tanks, pipes and generators. Advantages of using the OSPW sensor The sensor offers […]

Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor – Type PPS

Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor (PPS): Reliable Liquid Leak Detection for Enhanced Safety Detect and prevent liquid leaks effectively with the Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor (PPS). This cutting-edge sensor is designed to provide reliable detection in enclosed areas such as bunded pipework or tanks. By implementing the Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor, you can […]