Fuel Oil Leak
Detection Systems

One or Two Zone Oil Leak Detection Alarm Type ODS2-3

This unit has been designed to monitor areas for oil leaks or spillages from plant and equipment containing diesel oil.

Supplied as a one or two zone alarm, the unit has a large digital display, audible warning, Mute alarm push button and common alarm relay for onward signalling. The system can also be supplied with, flashing Beacon or Beacon sounder, SMS text alarm messaging or email alarm message.

Two types of leak sensors are available, one for internal use only, the other for both internal and external use.

Optional Equipment
Beacon Sounder - for remote alarm indication SMS Text Messaging System - sends a text to up to 3 users Water Shut Off Valve - to stop a leak at it's source

Sized at 180mm wide x 130mm high x 60mm deep the unit can be supplied as one or two zone systems designed to monitor critical areas for oil leaks and spillages via spot optical sensors from plant such as generators, tanks and other equipment containing oil. The unit can also detect leaks within pipe in pipe systems and bunded tanks using our PPS sensor. Up to 3 sensors can be connected to each zone.

The current alarm status is displayed on a large alpha numeric display. When oil touches one of the sensors the display will flash showing the zone number, an internal audible warning will sound, the common alarm volt free contacts will change state, if fitted, the remote beacon/beacon sounder will start, and if fitted, the SMS text messaging/Email unit will send an alarm message via the mobile network. If power to the unit fails, the internal volt free “common Alarm” BMS contact will change state. Oil leak monitoring in external areas can be achieved by using our OSPW sensor.


  • The unit can be supplied as a 1 or 2 zone system with up to 2 sensors per zone
  • Oil sensors can be up to 100m away from the main alarm unit
  • Large back lit alpha numeric display
  • Except for mains power, all terminals are of the plug and socket type
  • On board audible warning device to alert local operators of a problem
  • Alarms latched until Mute operated to give indication of oil leak
  • Two common alarm relay contact for onward signalling to a BMS or other systems
  • Mains Power monitoring via the Common alarm BMS contact

Data Sheet

Installation Manual

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