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Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor – Type PPS

Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor (PPS): Reliable Liquid Leak Detection for Enhanced Safety

Detect and prevent liquid leaks effectively with the Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor (PPS). This cutting-edge sensor is designed to provide reliable detection in enclosed areas such as bunded pipework or tanks. By implementing the Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor, you can significantly enhance safety measures and mitigate potential damages.

Innovative Design and Versatile Applications

Flexible Sizing and Robust Construction

Choose from two available sizes: 15mm or 22mm, both equipped with sturdy plastic fittings. The Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensors are meticulously engineered to identify various liquids, including water, fuel oil, and more. Whether you require leak detection for water, oil, or chemical applications, or within bunded pipes, these sensors deliver exceptional performance.

Principle of Total Internal Reflection

Operating on the principle of total internal reflection, the sensor incorporates an LED and a photo-transistor within a durable plastic (Polysulfone) dome. Under normal conditions, when no liquid is present, the LED’s light is internally reflected within the dome to the photo-transistor. However, when a liquid covers the dome, the refractive index changes, allowing some light to escape. This change in light reception by the photo-transistor indicates the presence of a liquid leak.

Invest in the Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor (PPS) for reliable leak detection and protect your assets from potential damage. With its innovative design, versatile applications, and customizable monitoring options, this sensor provides peace of mind and enhanced safety measures for your enclosed areas.

Image showing the 15mm and 22mm Pipe in Pipe sensor.
Pipe in Pipe sensors available in 15mm or 22mm diameter
Pipe in Pipe sensor with 3/4″ BSP/15mm coupling

Seamless Integration and Customizable Monitoring Options

Easy Installation and Compatibility

The Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensors seamlessly fit into all 15mm or 22mm plastic fittings, ensuring effortless installation. Their compatibility allows for a hassle-free integration process with your existing infrastructure.

Flexible Alarm Systems and Location-Specific Monitoring

Connect multiple sensors to create a common alarm within a designated area or utilize individual sensors to pinpoint the precise location of a leak. This customizable approach empowers you to design a leak detection system that aligns with your unique requirements. The sensors activate an internal relay upon leak detection, instantly triggering a signal to existing alarm systems, Building Management Systems, or PLC.

Specification of the Pipe in Pipe Sensor

  • Voltage – 12 to 24VAC or 13 to 24VDC
  • Burdon – 20mA when detecting, 15mA in standby
  • Relay output – 30VAC/DC 1 amp N/O (close in Alarm) or N/C (open in Alarm) contact; please specify
  • 3m Signal cable comes as standard (4 core low voltage 0.5mm alarm cable)

Optional Features

  • Choose PPS sensor for 15mm or 22mm plastic fitting.
  • You can change the length of the signal cable between 3m to 100m (4 core low voltage 0.5mm alarm cable)
  • Please specify whether you would like the sensor to be Normally Open or Normally Closed.


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