Water Leak
Detection Systems

Battery Powered Water Leak Detection Sensor Type BPWD

This sensor has been designed to detect the presence of water in areas where mains power is unavailable such as toilets etc. Powered by two AA batteries, the water leak sensor emits two audible alarms one being a single beep “Battery Low” when the batteries need changing, the other  “Water Detected”  being a multi tone beep every 23 seconds. No outputs are provided to Building Management Systems and the sensor will not turn off the water supply. If one or both facilities are required, you will need our RFWD system please click here for more information.

Sized at 110mm wide x 65mm high x 28mm deep, each sensor will monitor for water touching the detector cable (rope) or if the battery voltage is low. With no water being detected, no sound will emanate from the sensor. If water is detected by the sensor rope, a triple beeping sound will be heard and continue until water is removed from the detector cable. When the battery voltage from the two “AA” batteries drops below 2.3V a single beeping will be heard. If water is detected in low battery mode, the water alarm will override the low battery alarm.

Each sensor is supplied with a strip of hook and loop (Velcro) tape to fix the sensor to a wall or cupboard. This self-adhesive strip should be stuck to the back of the sensor in a position to allow the battery compartment to be opened when the batteries need changing. Care should be used when positioning the sensor to ensure that it’s accessible for battery changes and the audible warnings can he heard. Having decided on the sensor position, the coloured water detection cable can be cut to length to suite its location with a pair of cutters or heavy-duty scissors. However, please ensure that the silver sensor wires are not touching each other.


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