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Drip Tray Water Leak Detector for air conditioning or water pipe drip trays – Type DTS

DTS Drip Tray Water Leak Detector: Reliable Monitoring for Air Conditioning and Water Pipe Drip Trays

Upgrade your leak detection system with the DTS Drip Tray Water Leak Detector. Measuring 25mm wide x 64mm high x 44mm deep, this sensor is specifically designed to detect the presence of water in drip trays. By activating an internal relay, it provides a volt-free contact signal to your existing alarm systems, Building Management Systems, or SMS messaging systems.

Detecting Water with Precision: How the DTS Sensor Works

The Drip Tray sensor utilizes the principle of total internal reflection to detect liquid presence. It incorporates an LED and phototransistor housed in a sturdy plastic (Polysulfone) dome. When no liquid is present, the LED light is internally reflected from the dome to the phototransistor. However, when a liquid covers the dome, the change in refractive index allows some light to escape. As a result, the amount of light received by the phototransistor decreases, indicating the presence of liquid.

Unique Design for False Alarm-Free Monitoring

Say goodbye to false alarms! Unlike other sensors on the market, the DTS sensor doesn’t rely on external metal parts to detect water. This eliminates the risk of false alarms caused by contact with the metal drip tray or other conductive surfaces. Additionally, the sensor is fully potted and IP66 rated, allowing it to be submerged in water without any adverse effects.

Versatile Connectivity for Enhanced Leak Detection

Tailor your leak detection system to your needs. With the DTS sensor, you have the option to connect multiple sensors together, creating a common alarm for a designated area. Alternatively, you can connect the sensors individually to pinpoint the exact location of a leak. This flexible connectivity allows for comprehensive monitoring and swift action in the event of a water-related issue.

Standard Features

  • Accurate water detection for reliable monitoring.
  • Internal relay activation for seamless integration with existing alarm systems.
  • Metal-free design eliminates false alarms from contact with metal drip trays or sensors.
  • Fully potted and IP66 rated for submersion without damage.
  • Total Internal Reflection technology ensures precise liquid detection.
  • Versatile connectivity options for customized alarm setups.
  • Compact size fits seamlessly into drip tray configurations.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly operation for hassle-free implementation.


  • Please specify whether you would like the Drip Tray Sensor to be either normally open or normally closed contact.


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