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Water Leak Detection for Building Management System (BMS) – Type RWM

Introducing our RWM Water Leak Detection Detection Module: Enhance Your Building’s Security

Our cutting-edge RWM Water Leak Detection Sensing Module offers a versatile solution for seamlessly integrating water detection capabilities into your Building Management System (BMS) or existing alarm system. Equipped with a volt-free relay contact, sensitivity adjustment, and a specially designed water detection cable, this module is the ultimate safeguard against potential water damage.

Detects Water and Conductive Liquids with Precision

The RWM Leak detector excels at identifying the presence of water or any conductive liquid.

Our water leak sensors boast a unique feature that sets them apart from the competition—they employ a bi-directional (AC) signal. By doing so, these sensors significantly extend their lifespan by preventing electrolysis and degradation of the water leak detection equipment. Curious about the risks associated with low-quality water detection cables? Gain valuable insights by reading our informative blog post on ‘Warning: Cheap Water Detection Cable from China.’

Relay Output for Seamless Integration

Seamless integration is made possible through the inclusion of a relay output, enabling the transmission of a water detection signal to your BMS, fire alarm panel, or burglar alarm. Stay informed and protect your premises effectively.

Adjustable Sensitivity for Customized Detection

Tailor the sensitivity of the module to your specific needs. With the inclusion of a convenient sensitivity adjustment potentiometer, you can fine-tune the detection levels, from trace amounts to substantial volumes of conductive liquid.

Need ultra sensitivity? Our experts can configure the module accordingly at our factory, allowing you to detect even deionized water.

Diverse Sensor Options for Comprehensive Coverage

Choose from a wide range of sensors to ensure comprehensive coverage. From cable sensors that provide continuous detection along their entire length to spot probes and pads for drip trays, sump tanks, and high/low level detection, we have you covered. Our cable sensors effectively detect leaks along pipe runs and beneath equipment, including air conditioning plants, ensuring early detection of any potential water damage.

Standard Signal And Water Detection cable sizes

To ensure precise customization, please specify the desired lengths of detection cable for the RWM sensor. While standard sizes are available, we can accommodate your specific requirements. We offer flexibility with cable lengths, providing options up to a maximum of 100 meters for signal (white cable) and 50 meters for detection cable. Kindly inform us of your preferred lengths, and we will tailor the solution accordingly.

Product Code

  • DC2 – 3 metres of signal cable and 2 metres of water detection cable
  • DC5 – 3 metres of signal cable and 5 metres of water detection cable
  • DC10 – 3 metres of signal cable and 10 metres of water detection cable
  • DC15 – 3 metres of signal cable and 15 metres of water detection cable
  • DC20 – 3 metres of signal cable and 20 metres of water detection cable
  • DC25 – 3 metres of signal cable and 25 metres of water detection cable
  • DC30 – 3 metres of signal cable and 30 metres of water detection cable


  • Voltage – 12 to 24VAC or 13-24VDC
  • Burdon – 20mA
  • Relay output – 30VAC/DC 1 amp N/O (close in Alarm) or N/C (open in Alarm) contact; please specify
  • Interconnecting lead – 3 metres long but any length can be catered for
  • Maximum cable length – 50 metres
  • Box size – 120mm wide x 65mm high x 40mm deep


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