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Water Leak Detection Sensor – Type BPWD

Application of Water Leak Sensor

We have designed the Battey Powered Water Leak Detection Sensor to detect leaks in areas without access to mains power, making installation effortless. It provides dependable water leak detection for toilets, basements, attics, utility rooms, and numerous other locations. You can customize its length to suit your specific needs by cutting down the 1m water detection cable it comes with.

How Water Leak Sensor Works: Advanced Features for Effective Water Damage Prevention

Two AA batteries power our Water Leak Detection Sensor. It emits a single “Battery Low” beep when the batteries require replacement. When water is detected, it produces a repeating multi-tone beep every 23 seconds.

It’s important to note that this sensor does not provide outputs to Building Management Systems or shut off the water supply. If you require these functionalities, we recommend visiting our website to find out more about our Wireless Water Leak Detection Alarm – Type RFWD.

Advantages of using the Water Leak Sensor: Effortless Leak Identification

Experience effortless leak identification with our Water Leak Detection Sensor. By promptly alerting you to the presence of water, it allows for immediate action. With its discreet design and easy installation, this sensor ensures convenience. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a valuable tool for detecting water leaks.

Where to place Water Leak Sensor for maximum coverage

The Water Leak Sensor comes equipped with convenient hook and loop (Velcro) tape, simplifying its installation on floors, walls or cupboards. When positioning the sensor, make sure you can easily hear the audible alarm. For a comprehensive guide on optimal placement of water leak detectors to prevent water damage, please follow this weblink: ‘Where to Put Water Leak Detectors to Avoid Water Damage.’

Summary of features

  • Compact size: 110mm wide x 65mm high x 28mm deep.
  • Monitors for water contact with the detector cable (rope) or low battery voltage.
  • Water Alarm is silent when no water leak is detected.
  • The sensor rope triggers a continuous triple beeping sound when water is detected, which persists until the water is removed.
  • Single beeping sound when battery voltage drops below 2.3V.
  • Water alarm takes precedence over low battery alarm if water is detected in low battery mode.


  • Supplied with hook and loop (Velcro) tape for easy installation on a wall or cupboard.
  • Self-adhesive strip attached to the back of the sensor for convenient battery compartment access during battery changes.
  • Colored water detection cable can be cut to the desired length using cutters or heavy-duty scissors.


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