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Multi Leak Detection Alarm 33 – 64 zones – Type LD64-2

Introducing the LD64-2 Multi Leak Detection Alarm, an advanced solution that takes the success of the LD32 Office Block Leak Detector to new heights. With its expanded capabilities, this alarm system empowers you to achieve comprehensive water leak detection across 64 separate areas. You can confidently identify leaks from diverse sources, including pipes, shower rooms, bathrooms, water softeners, and air conditioning systems. Choose the LD64 Multi Leak Detection Alarm for unmatched performance and peace of mind.

Components and Features of LD64-2 Multi Leak Detection Alarm:

Central Alarm Unit: Our system features a central alarm unit that boasts a large touch screen display. This centralized unit acts as the control center for monitoring and alerts. Putting you in complete control of the water detection system.

Flexible Monitoring: You can specify whether you would like the LD64-2 unit to monitor up to 64 zones. The large display is designed to showcase only the relevant zones, ensuring a streamlined and focused view. This unparalleled flexibility empowers you to achieve highly efficient monitoring that is precisely tailored to the unique needs of your office block.

Outstations: With the LD64-2 Multi Leak Detection Alarm, you can connect up to 32 Outstations, strategically placed within a range of 1 to 300 meters. By utilising power boosters, you can further extend the coverage range, ensuring full monitoring across your entire office block.

Configuable Zones: Our Outstations provide effortless flexibility, granting you the option to set them up as 1, 2, 3 or 4 zones. Whether you need to monitor small remote areas such as tea points or extensive coverage of plant rooms, our sytem seamlessly adapts to your unique application.

Water Shutoff Valves: To further safeguard your property, consider installing an optional water shut-off valve in the Outstations. This additional feature helps prevent additional damage caused by leaks by cutting off the water supply. Additionally, you can enhance your system by adding an SMS text messaging unit, which will send alerts to individuals who are off-site, ensuring prompt action and response.

To gain a deeper understanding of why CMR Electrical ball-valves surpass solenoid valves in terms of performance, reliability, and preventing water leaks, we invite you to read our informative article titled ‘How to stop water leaks from causing extensive damage to property and the inconvenience it causes.’

Optional Equipment
Water Shut Off Valve - to stop a leak at it's source Water Leak Detection Cable - to detect a leak anywhere along it's length Water Leak Detection Spot Probe Beacon Sounder - for remote alarm indication SMS Text Messaging System - sends a text to up to 3 users 12 Hour Battery Backup Repeat Alarm Unit Type SCA

Why we use Actuated Ball Valves

CMR Electrical were one of the first Water Leak Detection companies in the UK to use Actutated Ball Valves. Read this article to discover the Benefits of Actuated Ball Valves in water detection systems. Find out why we rarely use Solenoid Valves.

Standard Features

  • 180mm wide x 180mm high x 80mm deep
  • Up to 64 zones using 1, 2, 3 or 4 zone remote leak detection outstations
  • Large 65mm x 115mm LCD touch screen graphic display with RGB backlight
  • The screen instantly displays the status of all fitted zones
  • On board audible warning device to alert local operators of a problem
  • Alarms latched until Mute operated to give indication of transient water leaks
  • Common Alarm, New Alarm, Common Fault & Power Fault output relay contacts to BMS
  • RS485 communications to outstations via 4 core interconnecting cable
  • Each outstation has a common zone alarm relay for use by a BMS or other systems
  • Power to all outstations is provided from the alarm unit
  • Leak detected Lamps fitted inside the remote outstations giving local Alarm indication
  • System information button showing the total number of zones, outstations alarm and fault

Optional Equipment

  • Shut-off valve control which automatically turns off the water supply when a leak is detected
  • SMS Text Messaging Unit to raise an alarm when the building is unoccupied
  • Remote beacon or mutable sounder beacon
  • Individual alarm relays allowing the status of each zone to be displayed on a BMS system
  • 12 hour battery backup and power fault output relay to BMS
  • Repeat Alarm Type SCA

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