rwm water detetion sensor with cable

CMR Electrical have provided thirty five water leak detection sensors type RWM for  Heathrow Airport’s Terminal five. All 35 sensors  were provided with different lengths of water detection cable and were used to look for leaks from a number of toilet areas. The RWM sensor was selected because no central alarm unit was required, instead the leak sensor was to be connected directly to the Building Management System (BMS). This type of sensor is suited to applications were no local alarm is required only a signal to the buildings monitoring system. Unlike other water detection sensors on the market, the RWM sensor has the ability to reduce or increase its detection sensitivity. This allows the end user to reduce sensitivity in damp areas and increase sensitivity in critical areas such as archive rooms.

Leak sensor

Drip try water leakOther sensors provided to Heathrow airport are the DTS drip tray sensor  used in air conditioning plant and the OSP oil leak sensor installed to detect diesel oil leaks from generator equipment. CMR Electrical have also supplied a number of multi zone water leak detection alarms and detection cable to most of Heathrow Airport terminals such as our LD2-3 two zone leak alarm and our LD32 system.

CMR Electrical is one of the best water leak detection manufacturers in the UK. Our systems can stop a leak before it gets out of hand, saving your property and your profits. Call us today for a quote. or call us on 01825733600

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