Having been designing water leak detection systems for over 36 years, I have been confronted on many occasions with the comment “your system has gone into alarm but we cant find any water”. In the early days I would rush to site to investigate what was happening, only to confirm that no live water could be found. However, on further investigation I would always find the reason for the alarm. In the majority of cases it was dirt or dust in the detection cable or around the spot probe sensors that had become very slightly damp. In some cases it was due to the water detection cable being placed too close to air conditioning units with humidifiers. In other cases it was found to be contaminants spilled over the water detection cable during construction. In a small number of cases it was to be dampness emanating from the concrete floor.

It soon became apparent, that water detection sensitivity adjustment was a MUST to overcome false alarms. For this reason, all CMR Electrical’s water leak detection systems contain individual zone sensitivity adjustment, allowing just one of the zones to be de-sensitized if required.


CMR Electrical is one of the best water leak detection manufacturers in the UK. Our systems can stop a leak before it gets out of hand, saving your property and your profits. Call us today for a quote. or call us on 01825733600

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