At CMR Electrical we design and manufacture a wide range of water leak detection systems, fuel and oil leak detection alarms, room over temperature alarms, electrical power distribution units, generator fuel tank level controls and other leak detection equipment, safety systems and accessories.

All of our leak detection sensors, systems and alarms are designed and manufactured in-house at our factory in the UK. This not only gives us complete control over product quality and manufacturing lead times, but also enables us to modify standard product designs to meet the needs of specific installations and applications.

If you need to have a more exact lead time on when it will be ready, contact us directly.

Water Leak Detection Systems

Water Leak Detection Systems

Protect your property, save money and conserve water with our range of water leak detection systems. Our leak detection equipment can monitor up to 16 different leak zones and can detect liquid leaks from office tea points, water pipes, bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens, server rooms and more.

BREEAM Water Leak Detection Systems

Our BREEAM water leak detection systems are designed to detect major water leaks between the utilities water meter and the building being monitored. They are also capable of detecting major leaks within a building, and even a specific area within a building.

Fuel / Oil Leak Detection Systems

Fuel Oil Leak Detection Systems

Take a proactive stance in safeguarding the environment and securing the well-being of your employees and equipment by employing our industry-leading fuel oil leak detection systems. Our cutting-edge systems are meticulously designed to actively detect the presence of leaked fuel, oil, kerosene, and diesel. By utilizing our fuel leak detection systems, you can effectively mitigate the potential disruption and damage that a fuel leak can cause.

Water and Liquid Leak Detection

Liquid Leak Sensors

Safeguard your business or home infrastructure with our range of liquid leak detection systems. Easily integrated with your existing building systems, our leak detection sensors help to minimise the damage caused by water, fuel and chemical leaks by sending an alert to your mobile phone.

Room Temperature Alarms

Room Temperature Alarms

Protect expensive servers and computer equipment from the damage that can be caused by overheating with our room over temperature alarms. If our systems detect a problem with the room’s cooling system, an alert is sent to building management personnel informing them of the potential problem.