Water and Liquid Leak Detection

Liquid Leak

Protect your vital business or home infrastructure with CMR’s liquid leak detection sensors – designed to interface with your existing building systems and provide early warnings when water, fuel, or chemical leaks occur.


Water Leak Detection Sensor – Type BPWD

Application of Water Leak Sensor Discover the versatile application of our Water Leak Detection Sensor, designed for easy installation in areas where mains power is unavailable. Whether for toilets, basements, attics, utility rooms, or various other locations, our sensor provides reliable water leak detection capabilities. How Water Leak Sensor Works: Advanced Features for Effective Water […]


Optical Liquid Leak Detection sensor with Relay Output Type OSP

The OSP sensor has been designed to detect the presence of any liquid including water, fuel oil etc. and energise an internal relay to provide a signal to existing alarm systems, Building Management Systems or SMS messaging systems. Floor standing sensor with height adjustment, can be screwed or stuck to the floor or drip tray. […]


Optical Liquid Leak Detection Sensor for outside use type OSPW

Our OSPW oil leak sensor has been designed for outside use or in areas that can become wet. The sensor includes two liquid detectors one looking for conductive liquids (water) with the other looking for non-conductive liquids such as fuel oil etc. With no water present, the non-conductive liquid sensor on coming into contact with […]

Linear Water Leak Detection Sensor - BMS

Water Leak Detection for Building Management System (BMS) – Type RWM

Introducing our RWM Water Leak Detection Detection Module: Enhance Your Building’s Security Our cutting-edge RWM Water Leak Detection Sensing Module offers a versatile solution for seamlessly integrating water detection capabilities into your Building Management System (BMS) or existing alarm system. Equipped with a volt-free relay contact, sensitivity adjustment, and a specially designed water detection cable, […]

Pipe In Pipe / Bunded Tank Leak Sensor

Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor Type PPS

The Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor (PPS) sensor has been designed to detect liquid leaks in enclosed areas such as bunded pipework or tanks. Two pipe in pipe leak sensors can be provided sized at 15mm or 22mm constructed using plastic fittings that have been designed to detect the presents of any liquid including water, […]

Bulk Water Leak Detection Cable

Water Leak Detection Cable

Cutting-Edge Water Leak Detection Cable for Precise Water Identification Discover our state-of-the-art water leak detection cable, also known as the ‘detection rope,’ specifically engineered to accurately detect the presence of water along its entire length. This exceptional cable is not only compatible with all CMR products but also seamlessly integrates with equipment from various other […]