Protect your vital business or home infrastructure with CMR’s liquid leak detection sensors – designed to interface with your existing building systems and provide early warnings when water, fuel, or chemical leaks occur.

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If you already use a Building Management System to manage your premises’s alarms and other infrastructure, our liquid leak sensors can easily be added to your security system. CMR’s products enable you to add liquid leak detection as another layer of protection to your assets, a protection that is often overlooked but can prove critical.

To see the liquid leak detection products – scroll down this page and click on the relevant product.

Water, fuel, and chemical leak detection

The three types of liquid sensor manufactured, supplied, and installed by CMR all will detect water; but where fuel, oil or chemical leak detection is required the OSP and PPS products can be used. The versatility of these sensors ensures that there will be a solution to your application’s requirements.

CMR recommend the use of liquid leak detectors wherever water, fuel, oil, or chemicals are stored or transported and could risk coming into contact with electrical wiring, paper filing systems, or other sensitive items. This could include server rooms, oil tanks, plant rooms, wet rooms, and many more.

Liquid leak detection cable

CMR sensors use a special type of cabling to surround potential risk zones. When a liquid comes into contact with the sensor cable, the alarm relay is triggered. The alarm relay gives a volt free contact output which enables it to be used with all types of alarm system.

CMR are experts at modifying our offerings to suit your needs, and we understand that each situation is different. That is why we offer a variety of liquid leak alarms – including flashing beacon, audible alarms, SMS text messaging services, or even instant water mains shut off valves.

Battery powered water leak sensor type BPWD

This sensor has been designed to detect the presence of water in areas where mains power is unavailable such as toilets etc. Powered by two AA batteries, the water leak sensor emits two audible alarms one being a single beep “Battery Low” when the batteries need changing, the other  “Water Detected”  being a multi tone beep every 23 seconds. No outputs are provided to Building Management Systems and the sensor will not turn off the water supply. If one or both facilities are required, you will need our RFWD system please click Here for more information.

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Drip Tray Water Leak Detection Sensor for air conditioning or water pipe drip trays type DTS

The sensor has been designed to detect the presence of water in drip trays and energise an internal relay to provide a volt free contact signal to existing alarm systems. The unit has no external metal parts and uses an optical sensor to detect the presents of water and therefore is not susceptible to false alarms from contact with the metal drip tray or other sensors via earth. Being IP 66 rated, the sensor can be submerged in water without any detrimental effect. Sensors can be connected together to give a common alarm within an area  or connected individually to provided exact location of a leak.

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Sensor with Leak Detection Cable Type RWM

Water detection sensing module with volt free relay contact for BMS or existing alarm system, sensitivity adjustment and water detection cable designed to surround potential water sources.

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Optical Leak Detection sensor with Relay Output Type OSP

This water leak detection sensor has been designed to detect the presence of any liquid including water, fuel oil etc. and energise an internal relay to provide a signal to existing alarm systems, Building Management Systems or SMS messaging systems. Floor standing sensor with height adjustment, can be screwed or stuck to the floor or drip tray. A wall mounted version is also available which can be screwed to a drip tray or bunded area is also available.

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Oil Leak Detection Sensor for outside use type OSPW

Our OSPW oil leak sensor has been designed for outside use or in areas that can become wet. The Sensor includes two liquid detectors one looking for conductive liquids (water) with the other looking for non-conductive liquids such as fuel oil etc.

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Pipe in Pipe Leak Sensor Type PPS

15mm and 22mm water leak detection sensors used for pipe in pipe, bunded tanks and tank overflows applications.

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Water Detection Cable

Our water leak detection cable (sometimes known as ‘detection rope’) is designed specifically to detect water anywhere along it’s entire length. It works with all CMR products but can also be used on other manufacturers equipment.

We can supply in lengths from 5 metres to cable drums of 450 metres.

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