We often get asked questions about our products and service, including requests for specialist advice regarding the type of technology that is needed for a variety of applications. We have listed a few common questions below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re question isn’t answered below or you want to enquire about a custom alarm system.

What is a water leak detection system?

A water leak detection system has been specifically designed to identify when a leak is detected. Some of CMR Electrical’s products turn off the water supply when a leak is detected. All systems can be used to detect liquid leaks from equipment or areas containing water such as Office Tea points, Water pipes, Bathrooms, Wet Rooms, Kitchens, Server Room or any area or equipment containing water.

Can you supply a single point alarm system with water detection for a server room, separate water detection and shut-off water valve for a tea-point area, a server room over temperature alarm with SMS text messaging when the room temperature is high and an oil leak alarm from the generator fuel pump drip tray with remotely mounted beacon if an oil leak is detected..?

Yes, because we design and manufacture our own equipment, special applications and modification to our standard equipment is not a problem, please contact our sales team.

What is the maximum distance between the alarm unit and the start of the water detection cable on each zone?

Using our standard signal cable it would be 100 metres, however if you need a longer distance we can use a different cable that will give a 500 metre maximum distance.

Can your alarm system be fitted with a beacon mounted 100 metres away?

Yes, we can provide a 12VDC remote flashing beacon requiring a 2 core low voltage signal cable to be run between both units.

We would like to install one of your alarm units ourselves with the power coming from a13A socket, can you supply the unit with a pre-fitted power cable and 3 pin plug…?

Yes, just advise how long the power lead needs to be.

Can you include our Logo on your product label?

Yes providing you can supply a jpeg format picture of it.

What water detection system would you recommend for an office tea point and a shower room on the same floor?

If you don’t need to turn off the water supply when water is detected, Our two zone LD2 with water detection cable. If you want to turn off the water in each area when water is detected, our 2 zone 2 valve LD4V system again with detection cable would be best.

Can you change the alarm status lamp wording on the label to show a room location i.e. A/C unit 1..?

Yes, providing the words are no longer than 10 characters long including spaces

I have just turned on your water detection alarm for the first time, one of the “sensor fault” lamps is red, the other is green and the audible warning is on.

The green lamp is indicating that the detection cable on one zone is connected correctly, the red lamp is advising that the cable is broken or fitted incorrectly on the other. First check the wiring connections going to the faulty zone for bad connections. Then un-plug the connector at the end of the detection cable, un-plug the detection cable from the white signal cable and plug in the connector which was removed from to the end of the detection cable into the white signal cable. If the fault lamp remains red the white signal cable is damaged or incorrectly terminated, if the lamp turns green the detection cable is damaged.

Having just installed and I turned on your water detection alarm panel, one of the “water Detected” lamps Is flashing red, and the audible warning sounds as if the system is detecting water, but I cant find any water on the detection cable.

First try reversing the red & black signal cable wires at the suspect zone terminals. If the lamp remains on, put the wires back as they were, un-plug the connector at the end of the detection cable, un-plug the detection cable from the white signal cable and plug in the connector which was fitted to the end of the detection cable. If the red lamp remains on, the white signal cable could be damaged or the zone could have a faulty end of line terminator. If the lamp turns off, re-connect the detection cable and end of line connector and using the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer (see manual) adjust the sensitivity toward minimum. If this does not resolve the problem the detection cable could be damaged or contaminated.

Can I fit two water solenoid valves to your LD2V water detection alarm?

Yes, providing the solenoid coil voltage is 230VAC.

We have one of your LD2 water detection alarm units with a permanent water detected alarm on zone two. We had a leak two weeks ago which was cleaned up, but since then the “water Detected” lamp has remained on. We have again examined the water detection cable but can’t find any water. However, we did find that the cable on zone two was dirty and damp along its entire length. Can we clean the detection cable and if so how, or do we need to buy a new cable.

The damp dirt around the cable is the reason why the system is showing a water detected alarm on zone two. You can clean the cable by using a clean damp cloth, rap the cloth around the cable and pull it down its length to remove the dirt. Once the dirt has been removed, use kitchen tissue paper in the same way to remove all dampness from the cable. Alternatively you can reduce the sensitivity on that zone by turning the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer clockwise until the lamp extinguishes.