Water Leak Detection Systems

Water Leak
Detection Systems

Designed to identify and respond automatically when a leak is detected

Our range of water leak detection systems have been specifically designed to identify and on some products turn off the water supply when a leak is detected. All systems can be used to detect liquid leaks from equipment or areas containing water such as Office Tea points, Water pipes, Bathrooms, Wet Rooms, Kitchens, Server Room or any area or equipment containing water.

Single Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD1 and LD1V

Designed with office refurbishment and home in mind, the LD1V water leak detection system detects water leaks that can occur at tea points and areas where hot drinks are prepared, as well as in kitchens areas, around vending machines and in a whole variety of small areas. Sized at 149mm wide x 88mm high x 22mm […]

Single or Two Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD2-3 & LD2-3V

One and two zone water leak detection alarm with shut off valve control to turn off the water supply when water is detected. Features include, valve shutoff override push button, large visual display, audible warning devise, mute alarm push button and individual onward signalling relays for alarm and fault.  This product also has an optional battery […]


9 to 32 Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD32

Designed to continuously monitor a large number of areas for water leaks throughout a building, the system uses detection cable or spot probe sensors to detect water leaking from water pipes, A/C units, roofs, drainage pipes etc. Consisting of a central alarm unit fitted with a large RGB backlight, touch screen display and a number […]


33 to 64 Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD64-2

Taking over from the LD32 system, this unit will provide water leak detection in up to 64 individual areas or sectors and will look for leaks from pipes, shower rooms, bathrooms, water softeners, air conditioning systems or any plant containing water. Each zone can be connected to either a length of water detection cable (rope) […]

Water Leak Watch for Houses & Flats

Water Leak Watch for Houses and Flats

Available in 1/2″ (15mm) and 3/4″ (22mm) sizes, the Water Leak Watch (WLW) controller has been manufactured to comply with the requirements of BREEAM WAT03 water leak detection accreditation, and is specifically designed to help protect houses and flats from water leaks, burst pipes or unintentional use of water, i.e. garden hose being left on […]

Battery Powered Water Leak Detection Sensor Type BPWD

This sensor has been designed to detect the presence of water in areas where mains power is unavailable such as toilets etc. Powered by two AA batteries, the water leak sensor emits two audible alarms one being a single beep “Battery Low” when the batteries need changing, the other  “Water Detected”  being a multi tone […]

Combined Water Detection & Room Over Temperature Alarm Type CWT-2

The CWT alarm contains both a Room over temperature alarm and a water detection alarm. The unit has been specifically designed to monitor critical areas such as a small server room, were both over temperature and a water leak would cause operational problems. Complete with visual and audible indication, the unit can be connected to […]

Optical Alarm Type OLS

One & two zone optical detection of water leaks with audible warning, visual indication, Mute alarm push button and alarm relay for onward signalling. Both floor standing or wall mounted sensor are available. Used for drip trays bunded areas or dirty areas where detection cable would get damaged. This unit has been designed to detect […]

Linear Water Leak Detection Sensor - BMS

Sensor with Leak Detection Cable Type RWM

Water detection sensing module with volt free relay contact for BMS or existing alarm system, sensitivity adjustment and water detection cable designed to surround potential water sources. The unit has been designed to detect the presents of water or any conductive liquid. The unit detects water by pulsing a bi-directional current (AC) across the sensor. […]

Bulk Water Leak Detection Cable

Water Leak Detection Cable

Our water leak detection cable (sometimes known as ‘detection rope’) is designed specifically to detect water anywhere along it’s entire length. It works with all CMR products but can also be used on other manufacturers equipment. We can supply in lengths of 50, 100 and 450 metres. We manufacture and sell water detection cables (AKA detection […]