Water Leak Detection Systems

Water Leak
Detection Systems

Designed to identify and respond automatically when a leak is detected

Our range of water leak detection systems have been specifically designed to identify and on some products turn off the water supply when a leak is detected. All systems can be used to detect liquid leaks from equipment or areas containing water such as Office Tea points, Water pipes, Bathrooms, Wet Rooms, Kitchens, Server Room or any area or equipment containing water.


Single Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD1 and LD1V

Understanding the role and application of LD1/LD1V in preventing water damage We designed the LD1 and LD1V Water Leak Detection Alarm with office refurbishment and homes in mind. You can easily install the leak detection equipment in any small area near a water supply. This makes them ideal to detect leaks for tea points areas, […]


Single or Two Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD2-3 & LD2-3V

LD2-3 Water Detection Alarm: Innovative Solution for Water Leak Detection Discover the LD2-3 water detection alarm, a cutting-edge solution designed for both residential and industrial applications. Our expert team developed this advanced water alarm system specifically for one and two zone water leak detection. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable spot sensors […]


Three or Four Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD4-2 & LD4-2V

Application of LD4-2 Water Leak Detection Alarm The LD4-2 Water Detection Alarm shares similarities with our smaller leak detector type LD2-3. The main difference is that it can detect water leaks in three or four zones. This feature makes it an ideal solution for detecting leaks in large residential homes with multiple areas. Additionally, the […]


Water Leak Detection Equipment 5 to 8 Zones – Type LD8-2 and LD8-2V

Application of LD8-2 Water Leak Detection Equipment We have designed the LD8-2 Water Leak Detection Equipment to monitor leaks in up to eight independent zones. Suitable for residential and industrial areas such as tea points, server rooms, basements and office blocks. This leak detection alarm shares similarities with our one to two zone (type LD2-3) […]


Office Block Water Leak Detection 9 to 32 Zones – Type LD32

Office Block Water Leak Detection 9 to 32 Zones – Type LD32 Office Block Water Detection System: Continuous Monitoring for Water Leaks We have designed our advanced office block leak detection system to continuously monitor multiple areas within a building. Detection cables or spot probe sensors identify water leakages from water pipes, A/C units, roofs, […]


Multi Leak Detection Alarm 33 – 64 zones – Type LD64-2

Introducing the LD64-2 Multi Leak Detection Alarm, an advanced solution that takes the success of the LD32 Office Block Leak Detector to new heights. With its expanded capabilities, this alarm system empowers you to achieve comprehensive water leak detection across 64 separate areas. You can confidently identify leaks from diverse sources, including pipes, shower rooms, […]

Water Leak Watch for Houses & Flats

Domestic Water Leak Detection – Type Water Leak Watch (WLW)

DOMESTIC WATER LEAK DETECTION – Type Water Leak Watch (WLW) Application of Domestic Water Leak Detection: Water Leak Watch Choose the Water Leak Watch (WLW) controller for Domestic Water Leak Detection. Available in 1/2″ (15mm) and 3/4″ (22mm) sizes, this cutting-edge water leak detection solution is perfect for various settings. Our WLW controller offers reliable […]


Water Leak Detection Sensor – Type BPWD

Application of Water Leak Sensor We have designed the Battey Powered Water Leak Detection Sensor to detect leaks in areas without access to mains power, making installation effortless. It provides dependable water leak detection for toilets, basements, attics, utility rooms, and numerous other locations. You can customize its length to suit your specific needs by […]


Wireless Water Leak Alarm – Type RFWD

  Application of Wireless Water Leak Alarm – Type RFWD We have designed the main alarm panel to communicate with our wireless water leak sensors. You can place these leak detectors in various rooms, up to 60m away from the main alarm unit. Each sensor is equipped with a one-meter length of water detection cable, […]


Distance Leak Measuring Alarm One to Four Zone – Type DMWD

Application of Distance Leak Measuring Alarm – Type DMWD We designed the Distance Leak Measuring Alarm to detect water leaks in up to four independent zones. The DMWD Distance Leak Measuring Alarm proves highly effective in applications involving stud, floor and ceiling wall voids. Ideal in locations where the water leak cable will not be […]


Combined Water and Temperature Alarm – Type CWT2-2

Application of Combined Water and Temperature Alarm Introducing the CWT2-2 Combined Water and Temperature Alarm, a cutting-edge solution that combines a Room Over Temperature Alarm and a Water Detection Alarm. Have peace of mind in knowing that your sensitive equipment is protected against water leaks and temperature fluctuations. We have designed our CWT2-2 Alarm to continuously […]

Optical Leak Alarm – Type OLS2-3

Application of Optical Leak Alarm Introducing the Optical Leak Alarm – Type OLS2-3, a cutting-edge solution to leak detection in one or two zones. Rest assured that your sensitive equipment remains safeguarded against liquid leaks. We have designed this Leak Alarm to be used in areas where dirt or dampness can accumulate. This could be […]

Linear Water Leak Detection Sensor - BMS

Water Leak Detection for Building Management System (BMS) – Type RWM

Introducing our RWM Water Leak Detection Detection Module: Enhance Your Building’s Security Our cutting-edge RWM Water Leak Detection Sensing Module offers a versatile solution for seamlessly integrating water detection capabilities into your Building Management System (BMS) or existing alarm system. Equipped with a volt-free relay contact, sensitivity adjustment, and a specially designed water detection cable, […]

Bulk Water Leak Detection Cable

Water Leak Detection Cable

Cutting-Edge Water Leak Detection Cable for Precise Water Identification Discover our state-of-the-art water leak detection cable, also known as the ‘detection rope,’ specifically engineered to accurately detect the presence of water along its entire length. This exceptional cable is not only compatible with all CMR products but also seamlessly integrates with equipment from various other […]