Our range of water leak detection systems have been specifically designed to identify and on some products turn off the water supply when a leak is detected. All systems can be used to detect liquid leaks from equipment or areas containing water such as Office Tea points, Water pipes, Bathrooms, Wet Rooms, Kitchens, Server Room or any area or equipment containing water.

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Our leak detection systems that can monitor up to 16 different leak zones, and will give you audible and visual warning signs when it’s time to spring into action and get that leak fixed. From floods on plant room floors to leaks in a server room, our systems are designed and built in-house to ensure the correct system is used for the right environment.

Some Applications for our Water Leak Detection Systems


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Wireless Water Leak detection Alarm requiring no sensor interface wiring

The RFWD wireless water leak detection system consists of battery powered water leak detection sensors fitted in areas such as bathroom, kitchen etc., that communicates wire free to an alarm unit up to 60 metres away, by using a uniquely coded  868MHz radio signal.  Between one and four  remote sensors can be fitted with each having its own built in “Battery Low” or “Water Detected” audible alarm for ease of locating the leak or sensor requiring a battery change. Each sensor is powered from two AA batteries with a standby life of up to 4 years depending upon the type of batteries used. If required, the main alarm unit can turn off the mains water supply when a leak is found or in an emergency or leaving the property empty for long periods. For added security and peace of mind, the unit can be fitted with an optional SMS text messaging unit that sends a message via the mobile network that a leak has been detected.


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Water leak Watch for Houses and Flats

Available in 1/2″ (15mm) and 3/4″ (22mm) sizes, the WLW controller has been manufactured to comply with the requirements of BREEAM WAT03 water leak detection accreditation, and is specifically designed to help protect houses and flats from water leaks, burst pipes or unintentional use of water, i.e., garden hose being left on too long. This is achieved by monitoring the flow of water entering the building, raise an alarm and turn off the water supply if any unusual water patterns are detected, thereby minimising the extent of the damage to the building and its contents. The system can also be fitted with a remote water detection cable or spot probe for areas where appliances use mains water.

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Single Zone Water Alarm Type LD1 and LD1V

Designed with  office refurbishment and home in mind, the LD1V water leak detection system detects water leaks that can occur at tea points and areas where hot drinks are prepared, as well as in kitchens areas, around vending machines and in a whole variety of small areas.

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Single and Two Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD2-3 & LD2-3V

One and two zone water leak detection alarm with shut off valve control to turn off the water supply when water is detected. Features include, valve shutoff override push button, large visual display, audible warning devise, mute alarm push button and individual onward signalling relays for alarm and fault.  This product also has an optional battery backup and output to beacon or beacon sounder.

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Three & Four Zone Alarm Type LD4-2 & LD4-2V

Designed to raise an alarm when water touches the leak detection cable or spot probes. The unit can be factory configured as a three or four zone system and comes as standard  with an audible warning device, large back lit character display, internal alarm and fault indicator lamps, mute alarm push button, alarm and fault relays for onward signalling, optional battery backup, beacon and SMS text messaging.  The LD4-2V units are supplied with water shutdown valve control, a shutdown valve override system and internal shutdown valve “closed” lamps.

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Five to Eight Zone Alarm type LD8-2 and LD8-2V

The LD8-2 has been designed to monitor up to eight independent zones for water leaks in areas such as tea points, server rooms and drip trays and raise an alarm when water touches the leak detection cable or spot probes.

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9 to 32 Zone Water Leak detection alarm type LD32

Designed to continuously monitor a large number of areas for water leaks throughout a building, the system uses detection cable or spot probe sensors to detect water leaking from water pipes, A/C units, roofs, drainage pipes etc. Consisting of a central alarm unit fitted with a large RGB backlight, touch screen display and a number of outstations, areas to be monitored can be over 300 metres away from the main alarm unit or further if power boosters are used. Outstations can be configured as 1, 2, 3 or 4 zones, depending upon the application, i.e. 1 zone for small remote areas such as a tea points, 2 zone, one for a tea point the other for a small comm’s room, 3 zone for a large kitchen areas or 4 zone for plant rooms etc. Outstations can also be fitted with water shutoff valves to stop a leak causing further damage. The unit can be configured to monitor between 9 and 32 zones with only the fitted zones being displayed on the main screen.

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33 to 64 Zone Water Leak alarm type LD64-2

Taking over from the LD32 system, this unit will provide water leak detection in up to 64 individual areas or sectors and will look for leaks from pipes, shower rooms, bathrooms, water softeners, air conditioning systems or any plant containing water. Each zone can be connected to either a length of water detection cable (rope) or a spot probe designed to detect leaks in bunbed areas or drip trays. The alarm controller is fitted with a large touch screen display and communicates to remote water detection stations via an RS485 data link. Configured as either 1, 2, 3 or 4 zones, a maximum of 32 detection stations, can be fitted to a system, between 1 and 300 metres away from the main alarm unit. Local alarm, cable fault and test facilities are provided on each outstation so that the detection station alarm status is displayed without the need to interrogate the main alarm unit.   Outstations can also be fitted with an additional PCB allowing individual zones to operate a water shutoff valve to stop the leak from causing further damage.

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One to Four Zone Alarm With Distance To Leak Measurement Type DMWD

The DMWD has been designed to monitor up to four independent zones for water leaks in critical areas via linier detection cables and display the source of the leak as a distance. Each zone can be fitted with a minimum of 10m to a maximum of 50 metres of pre-made linier water detection cable. Once a leak has been detected the system activates the distance measurement circuit to ascertain the distance to the leak from the start of the detection cable run. The unit also comes as standard with monitoring for disconnection / damage to any or all of the four zone water detection cables including the interconnecting cable. Any disconnection of any detection cable from the controller will instigate a Sensor Fault alarm. The unit contains an audible warning device, Mute push button, and volt free contacts for onward signalling optional equipment can include: water shutdown in an alarm, sounder beacon, text messaging and individual alarm volt free contacts.

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Combined Water Detection & Room Over Temperature Alarm Type CWT-2

The CWT alarm contains both a Room over temperature alarm and a water detection alarm.

The unit has been specifically designed to monitor critical areas such as a small server room, were both over temperature and a water leak would cause operational problems.

Complete with visual and audible indication, the unit can be connected to a Building Management System, remote beacon or send a Text message via the addition of our text messaging unit as shown in the “optional equipment” tab below.

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Optical Alarm Type OLS

One & Two zone optical detection of water leaks with audible warning, visual indication, Mute alarm push button and alarm relay for onward signalling. Both floor standing or wall mounted sensor are available. Used for drip trays bunded areas or dirty areas where detection cable would get damaged.

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Water Pipe Leak Detection Alarm Type WPLD

The WPLD has been designed to detection water leaks in supply pipe lines from sizes 15mm to 38 mm diameter. The system operates by monitoring the output pulses of two water metres one fitted at either end of the pipe run and set up an alarm if the adjustable set points are exceeded.

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Battery powered water leak sensor type BPWD

This sensor has been designed to detect the presence of water in areas where mains power is unavailable such as toilets etc. Powered by two AA batteries, the water leak sensor emits two audible alarms one being a single beep “Battery Low” when the batteries need changing, the other  “Water Detected”  being a multi tone beep every 23 seconds. No outputs are provided to Building Management Systems and the sensor will not turn off the water supply. If one or both facilities are required, you will need our RFWD system please click Here for more information.

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Drip Tray Water Leak Detection Sensor for air conditioning or water pipe drip trays type DTS

The sensor has been designed to detect the presence of water in drip trays and energise an internal relay to provide a volt free contact signal to existing alarm systems. The unit has no external metal parts and uses an optical sensor to detect the presents of water and therefore is not susceptible to false alarms from contact with the metal drip tray or other sensors via earth. Being IP 66 rated, the sensor can be submerged in water without any detrimental effect. Sensors can be connected together to give a common alarm within an area  or connected individually to provided exact location of a leak.

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Sensor with Leak Detection Cable Type RWM

Water detection sensing module with volt free relay contact for BMS or existing alarm system, sensitivity adjustment and water detection cable designed to surround potential water sources.

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Water Detection Cable

Our water leak detection cable (sometimes known as ‘detection rope’) is designed specifically to detect water anywhere along it’s entire length. It works with all CMR products but can also be used on other manufacturers equipment.

We can supply in lengths from 5 metres to cable drums of 450 metres.

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