Available in 1/2″ (15mm) and 3/4″ (22mm) sizes, the WLW controller has been manufactured to comply with the requirements of BREEAM WAT03 water leak detection accreditation, and is specifically designed to help protect houses and flats from water leaks, burst pipes or unintentional use of water, i.e., garden hose being left on too long. This is achieved by monitoring the flow of water entering the building, raise an alarm and turn off the water supply if any unusual water patterns are detected, thereby minimising the extent of the damage to the building and its contents. The system can also be fitted with a remote water detection cable or spot probe for areas where appliances use mains water.

Smart Water leak detection for Houses and Flats.

Being programmable to suite user requirements, the alarm unit is connected to a 1/2″ or 3/4″ flow sensor and water shut-off valve, fitted just after the internal stopcock. The purpose of the system is to monitor the flow of water entering the building, flat or area, raises an alarm and shut off the water supply when either the flow “Current Flow in L/Min“, or constant flow “Water Flow without a Break“, or volume used “Volume used without a Break” exceeds pre-set limits. The unit displays in real time the  three monitored parameters giving instant feedback as to when the water will be turned off. Additional features include, “holiday mode” used when occupants are away for long periods of time, where the system only allows just one litre of water to flow over a period of one hour. “Sleep Mode” this feature stops the flow monitoring for up to eight hours to allow large volumes of water to flow i.e. filling a pond. And “Help” to give useful information about the operation of the system.

The unit can be fitted with a remote water leak detection cable or spot probe to instantly shut down the water supply when a leak is detected. This type of sensor should be used in areas such as kitchens, utility rooms, basements or any area where appliances use water from the mains.

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All of the information below is available in our  WLW water leak alarm  data sheet


Principle of Operation Being fully programmable to suite user requirements, the alarm unit is connected to a flow sensor and water shutoff valve. All three items should be positioned as close as possible to the incoming water supply pipe with the flow sensor and valve fitted just after the internal stopcock. Designed to monitor the flow of water entering the building, flat or area, the unit raises an alarm and shuts of the water supply when the flow exceeds pre-set limits. Three flow patterns are monitored;

Current Flow This is the amount of water in litres per minute flowing now. A higher than normal flow can indicate a burst pipe. This feature is updated every second and is designed to turn off the water supply within 3 seconds from the time the alarm trip point is exceeded.

Water flow without a break This is a measurement in hours that the water has been flowing without a break. In normal operation, water is consumed for short periods of time i.e., filling a bath can take 10 minutes, when the taps are turned off, the flow of water stops. This results in a period of no water flow, until the next call for water is made i.e., the toilet is flushed. In heavy flow periods, say first thing in the morning when its one shower after another, toilets being flushed, sinks being filled, the constant flow of water will occur for a longer period of time but will eventually stop. However, if the flow never stops, this would be an indication of a leaking pipe or a tap or garden hose being left on. As the system measure’s in 3ml volumes, small leaks can be detected such as dripping taps, pipe fittings or radiators.

Volume used without a break The unit measures the volume of water being consumed within a single flow period. Normally the highest water consumers would be item such as a bath or garden hose. Excessive water volume can indicate a burst pipe, or a tap or garden hose being left on.

Optional remote leak sensor In addition to the flow monitoring, the system can be fitted with a standard water leak detection cable up to 5 metre long or spot sensor. As soon as water comes into contact with the cable or sensor, an alarm will be raised and the water turned off.


Water Leak Detection cable between 2 and 10 metres long.

Between one and three detection cables can be used to give additional and a quick response to water leaks from appliances such as washing machines, water softeners etc.

Water detection cable detecting a leak

Water Leak Spot Probe.

One to a maximum of three spot probes can be used to give a quick response in areas such as utility rooms, basements and pump rooms.

Oil leak sensor type OSPW

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