Room over temperature alarms are designed to alert staff when the room containing sensitive equipment such as servers or computers is becoming too hot, thereby preventing expensive damage. All units contain volt free contacts for onward signalling to maintenance rooms, gate houses, building management system or telephone speech diallers. To provide simplicity and reliability our sensors are time proven electro mechanical devices.

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Some Applications for our Room Over Temperature Alarms


Can’t see solution to your application? Please call us as we can modify standard products. 

One and Two Zone Room Over Temperature Alarm Type RTA2-2

This unit has been designed to advise if the room temperature has risen above a critical level.

Suppled as a one or two zone over temperature alarm, the unit has a large digital display, audible warning, Mute alarm push button and common alarm relay for onward signalling. The system can also be supplied with, flashing Beacon or Beacon sounder, SMS text alarm messaging or email alarm message.

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High & Low Room Temperature Alarm Type RTA-HL ranged between -30°C to +50°C or 0°C to +50°C

This unit has been designed to independently monitor critical environments for both high and low temperatures in areas such as blood banks, food storage rooms, storage containers, generator rooms, UPS rooms or any area where the temperature must not exceed or fall below a certain temperature. Two ranges are available one for cold rooms with a range of 0 to +50°C, the other ranged between -20 to +50°C for chemical plants and freezer rooms. As well as instigating a local audible and visual alarm, optional equipment is available to send text or emails via the mobile network or remount sounder beacon.


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Combined Water Detection & Room Over Temperature Alarm Type CWT-2

The CWT alarm contains both a Room over temperature alarm and a water detection alarm.

The unit has been specifically designed to monitor critical areas such as a small server room, were both over temperature and a water leak would cause operational problems.

Complete with visual and audible indication, the unit can be connected to a Building Management System, remote beacon or send a Text message via the addition of our text messaging unit as shown in the “optional equipment” tab below.

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ATEX temperature Sensor for explosive atmospheres

The EPS temperature sensor has been designed for use with the RTA2-2 in potentially explosive atmospheres where ATEX and or IECEx approval is required.

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