Room Temperature Alarms

Room Temperature Alarms

Room temperature alarms are designed to alert staff when a room containing sensitive equipment are becoming too hot or cold, thereby preventing expensive damage. All units contain volt free contacts for onward signalling to maintenance rooms, gate houses, building management system or telephone speech diallers. To provide simplicity and reliability our sensors are time proven electro mechanical devices.

Our alarms are suitable for:-

  • Server rooms
  • Cold store rooms
  • Archive stores
  • Blood or medicine stores

If you cannot see a solution to your requirements, please contact us as we can modify standard products.


Room Over Temperature Alarm 1 to 2 Zones – Type RTA2-2

Application of the Room Over Temperature Alarm Our Room Over Temperature Alarm actively monitors room temperatures from -50°C to +50°C with an accuracy of +/-0.5°C. We have designed our RTA2-2 Room Over Temperature Alarm to continuously monitor the temperature. An alarm triggers upon reaching the set temperature level. Additionally a relays will operate that can […]

High and Low Room Temperature Alarm – Type RTA-HL

Our High and Low Room Temperature Alarm system constantly monitors two distinct temperature ranges. We have designed the first range, which spans from 0 to +50°C, specifically for cold storage rooms. The second range, spanning from -20 to +50°C, is tailored for chemical plants and freezer rooms. Other applications include blood banks, food storage rooms, […]


Combined Water and Temperature Alarm – Type CWT-2

Application of Combined Water and Temperature Alarm Introducing the CWT-2 Combined Water and Temperature Alarm, a cutting-edge solution that combines a Room Over Temperature Alarm and a Water Detection Alarm. Have peace of mind in knowing that your sensitive equipment is protected against water leaks and temperature fluctuations. We have designed our CWT-2 Alarm to continuously […]


ATEX Temperature Sensor for explosive atmospheres

Application of ATEX Temperature Sensor We have designed the ATEX temperature sensor for rooms where a potentially explosive atmosphere can form. This occurs when a mixture of air gases, vapours, mists, or dusts combine in a manner that can ignite under specific conditions. You have the flexibility to install the ATEX temperature sensor up to […]