Taking over from the LD32 system, this unit will provide water leak detection in up to 64 individual areas or sectors and will look for leaks from pipes, shower rooms, bathrooms, water softeners, air conditioning systems or any plant containing water. Each zone can be connected to either a length of water detection cable (rope) or a spot probe designed to detect leaks in bunbed areas or drip trays. The alarm controller is fitted with a large touch screen display and communicates to remote water detection stations via an RS485 data link. Configured as either 1, 2, 3 or 4 zones, a maximum of 32 detection stations, can be fitted to a system, between 1 and 300 metres away from the main alarm unit. Local alarm, cable fault and test facilities are provided on each outstation so that the detection station alarm status is displayed without the need to interrogate the main alarm unit.   Outstations can also be fitted with an additional PCB allowing individual zones to operate a water shutoff valve to stop the leak from causing further damage.

Standard Features

  • 32 to 64 zones using remote 1, 2, 3 or 4 zone outstations
  • Large touch screen graphic display with the status of all zones is displayed on screen
  • Audible warning device to alert local operators of a problem with the option of remote sounder beacon
  • Alarms latched giving indication of transient water leaks
  • Common Alarm, New Alarm, Common Fault & Power Fault output relay contacts to BMS
  • RS485 communication and power to remote outstations 
  • Outstation has a common alarm relay for use by a BMS or other systems
  • Leak detected and cable fault Lamps provided on each outstation giving local Alarm indication
  • Information button provided to give the current system configuration

Optional Equipment

  • Motorised water shutoff valves to automatically turn of the water supply when a leak is detected
  • SMS, text message when an alarm is raised
  • Remote mutable sounder beacon
  • Individual alarm relays allowing the status of each zone to be displayed on a BMS system


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All of the information below is available in our  LD64-2 leak alarm  data sheet.

The LD64-2 has been designed to continuously monitor a large number of areas for water leaks using water detection cable or spot probe sensors. Consisting of a central alarm unit and a number of outstations, areas to be monitored can be over 300m away from the main alarm unit. Fitted with a large RGB backlight, touch screen display, the main alarm panel displays a “MUTE”, “LIGHT” (backlight) and “INFO” (Information) buttons, as well as the current status of all zones. Also included within the alarm panel are, “New alarm”, “Common alarm” and “Common fault” relays as well as an internal audible warning device. Each outstation reports its current alarm or fault status back to the alarm panel over an RS485 data line where the zone status is display on the main screen. Outstations also contain individual zone alarm/fault lamps for local alarm status indication and can be fitted with an optional water shutoff valve control board to allow the water supply feeding the zoned area to be turned off when a leak is detected. Outstations are powered via the four core interconnecting cable that contains both power and data communication to and from each outstation. To allow maximum flexibility, each outstation can be factory configured as a 1, 2, 3 or 4 zone unit where unused zones are ignored by the alarm unit when displaying zone numbers. When a leak is detected by one of the outstations, the controller will display the alarm (“Zone 1 ALARM”), the audible warning device will start both the New and Common alarm relays and if fitted the individual alarm relay, will change state. In the event of a cable fault, the display will show (“Zone 1 FAULT”) and only the fault relay will change state. The common alarm relay being normally energised, can also be used to indicate a power fault to the system. When the control unit sees a new alarm, the on screen alarm status will start flashing and the displays backlight will flash between red and white, indicating a new unacknowledged alarm. The unit will  remain locked in this condition even if the leak is removed.  Only Muting the  alarm will  unlock the display and stop the sounder and flashing screen. If the alarm is still active after muting, the display will continue to show the alarm status but the flashing will be terminated indicating an acknowledged alarm. If the alarm was cleared before the Mute button was operated, the display will revert back to its normal mode once the Mute button has been pressed. Providing the system has no alarms or faults, the display backlight will turn off after five minutes. A “Light” button is provided, when operated, will turn on the backlight for a further five minutes. The status of the system can be interrogated by pressing the “info” button. This will display the number of system zones, the number of fitted outstations, the total number of “Alarms” and the total number of Faults. The  system can also be provided with a 12 hour battery backup in the event of a mains power failure.

Sounder Beacon for remote indication of an alarm

This flashing beacon sounder can be used to advise of an alarm were noise is an issue such as hospital corridors or noisy environments. The sounder mutes when the alarm units “Mute” button is pressed leaving just the beacon light flashing until the leak has been cleared up.


SMS Text & email Messaging alert unit
For unmanned areas or to advise maintenance staff of a problem. With the addition of our SMS Text Messaging alert unit, an alarm will also be sent in text form to one or two phones. This unit is usually added where the alarm unit is mounted remote from maintenance staff, or in unmanned areas.

SMS Text Messaging alert unit

Battery backup
With the addition of battery backup power the alarm system will operate up to 10 hours when the alarm units mains power is turned off or in a power cut. This is recommended for sensitive areas were a UPS and backup generator power is not available.

Battery backup

Water Shutoff Valve
Water Valves to turn off the water supply when a water leak is detected 230VAC power open, slam shut water valves can be provided from ¼” to 2” BSP sizes.

Water valve

Repeat alarm type SCA
Outstations can be provided with a common water leak detected audible and visual indication unit type SCA. This unit being a standard double gang electrical blanking plate, is complete with an audible warning device, alarm lamp and “Mute” push button. The SCA unit can be manufactured in any type or style of double gang blanking plate allowing it to blend in with its surroundings.

Repeat alarm type SCA

Water Detection Cable Clips
Clips can be provided to keep the water detection cable in position

Water Detection Cable Clips

Water Detection Cable
Cable designed to detect water along its entire length

Water Detection Cable

Signal Cable
Used as a low cost cable between the alarm unit and the water detection cable

Signal Cable

Water Detection Spot Probes
Used in areas were water detection cable could be damaged

Liquid leak sensor sensors

Individual alarm relays for each zone
Individual zone alarm relays can be provided to give a volt free normally open, closed in alarm contact that operates when the zone goes into alarm. The contacts can be used to onward signal to Building Management Systems or to control individual water valves.

Individual alarm relays for each zone

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