The RFWD wireless water leak detection system consists of battery powered water leak detection sensors fitted in areas such as bathroom, kitchen etc., that communicates wire free to an alarm unit up to 60 metres away, by using a uniquely coded  868MHz radio signal.  Between one and four  remote sensors can be fitted with each having its own built in “Battery Low” or “Water Detected” audible alarm for ease of locating the leak or sensor requiring a battery change. Each sensor is powered from two AA batteries with a standby life of up to 4 years depending upon the type of batteries used. If required, the main alarm unit can turn off the mains water supply when a leak is found or in an emergency or leaving the property empty for long periods. For added security and peace of mind, the unit can be fitted with an optional SMS text messaging unit that sends a message via the mobile network that a leak has been detected.


Water leak detection for Houses and Flats type RFWD.

Between one and four water leak sensors can be used with each alarm system. Each sensor will monitor itself for water touching the detector wire or low battery voltage. With no water being detected, no sound will emanate from the sensor. If water is detected, a triple beeping sound will be heard and continue until water is removed from the detector wire. When the battery voltage from the two “AA” batteries drops below 2.3V a single repeating beep will be heard. If water is detected in low battery mode, the water alarm will override the low battery alarm. Each sensor is provided with a one metre length of water detection cable that can be cut to suit its environment i.e. the full one meter under a bath or 15cm long behind a toilet.

The alarm unit can monitor up to four remote sensors for a water leak, low battery or sensor missing. A volt free BMS contact has been provided for both leak detected and battery low conditions and the unit has an optional output to a sounder beacon if required. A motorised water shutoff valve can be provided to turn off the mains water supply when a leak is detected or by using the “Water on” / “Water off” push buttons in an emergency or when going on holiday. By using the on screen “Help” button, you can navigate to the status screen to see the status of all fitted sensors, an “add sensors” screen to add or remove sensors from the alarm unit or be provided with some useful information on how the unit operates.

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All of the information below is available in our RFWD Water Leak Alarm data sheet


The RFWD water leak detection system consists of between one and four remote battery powered leak sensors, that can operate as a stand alone units or communicate to a remote alarm unit wire free. For easy of locating the leak, each sensor  has its own built in “Battery Low” or “Water Detected” audible alarm, as well as being able to send the alarm status to a remote alarm panel via a uniquely coded  868MHz radio signal.


Sounder Beacon for remote indication of an alarm
This 12VDC Sounder and flashing beacon can be used to advise of an alarm were noise is an issue such as hospital corridors or noisy environments. Once an alarm has been raised both the sounder and beacon would turn on. When the “Mute” push button on the alarm unit was pressed, the sounder would stop leaving the beacon flashing until the leak was cleared.


SMS Text Messaging alert unit
For unmanned areas or to advise maintenance staff of a problem. With the addition of our SMS Text Messaging alert unit, an alarm will also be sent in text form to one or two phones. This unit is usually added where the alarm unit is mounted remote from maintenance staff, or in unmanned areas.

SMS Text Messaging alert unit

Water Valve
Water Valves 12VDC sizes from 15 to 50mm to turn off the water supply when a water leak is detected thereby reducing water damage

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