Bunded Tank Oil Leak Alarm Type ODT2-1

We have just designed a new oil tank leak detection alarm that is designed to be fitted into a bunded oil tank. Our leak detection unit has been designed to help store diesel safely. There is a huge responsibility to ensure that oil does not escape from a tank into the surrounding soil and water systems that will cause environmental damage and reduce wildlife biodiversity. Our oil detection system is set up to respond quickly to an oil leak by setting off an audible alarm with the option of sending out a SMS text message or email.

Conventional oil tanks were manufactured to only have a single skin, normally consisting of polyethylene plastic or steel. The problem with this design was that after a short life span, they were prone to leak and cause environmental problems. Tighter legalisation in building regulations was introduced for all new non-domestic oil storage tanks over 200 litres to have two skins. This means that if there is damage to one of the skins there would be a failsafe which would reduce the chance of leakage and harm to humans and the environment. In the case of an oil spill please go to the UK Government website for further information.

The tank oil leak detection unit has been designed to have an optical sensor installed between the inner and outer tanks on bunded oil tanks. The sensor can then be connected to the Alarm unit up to 100 meters away. When oil touches the sensor, the display will flash showing “Bund Tank Alarm”, an internal audible warning will sound, the common alarm volt free contacts will change state and if fitted the following with activate; Remote beacon/beacon sounder, and/or the SMS text messaging unit which will send an alarm message via the mobile network. If power to the unit fails, the internal volt free “Common Alarm” BMS contact will change state. If required and upon request, the unit can be fitted with a second sensor to give a high, high alarm or monitor the bunded area within a second tank.

We do a variety of other oil leak detection devices. If you are interested please follow this link or if you prefer to contact us directly click here.