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Optical Leak Sensor with Relay Output – Type OSP

Applications of the Optical Leak Sensor – Type OSP

Discover the exceptional capabilities of the Optical Leak Sensor – Type OSP. Engineered to detect various liquids, including water, fuel, and oil. This advanced leak sensor offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

The OSP Sensor features a volt-free output relay contact, seamlessly integrating with your existing alarm systems, Building Management Systems, or PLC. This enables you to receive timely alerts and take immediate action

How does the Optical Leak Sensor work?

Operating on the principle of total internal reflection, the Optical Leak Sensor utilizes innovative technology housed within a robust Polysulfone dome. Equipped with an LED and photo-transistor, this sensor provides precise results by detecting changes in light intensity when a liquid covers the dome. Consequently, this mechanism ensures swift and accurate detection.

Harnessing the power of total internal reflection, the Optical Leak Sensor employs cutting-edge technology encased within a durable Polysulfone dome. Enhanced with an LED and photo-transistor, this state-of-the-art sensor delivers exceptional precision by swiftly detecting even the slightest variations in light intensity when a liquid engulfs the dome. As a result, this mechanism guarantees rapid and accurate detection, providing you with unparalleled confidence in your monitoring system.

Optional Equipment

Versatile Placement Options for the OSP Leak Sensor

Designed for utmost convenience, the OSP Sensor is available in two versatile models. The floor standing sensor boasts adjustable height, allowing you to effortlessly customize its placement by securely screwing it or affixing it to the floor or drip tray. Alternatively, our wall-mounted version presents an ideal solution for mounting on a drip tray or bunded area, affixed securely with screws.

Specification of the OSP Sensor

  • Sized at 75mm High x 38mm diameter
  • Voltage – 12 to 24VAC or 13 to 24VDC
  • Burdon – 20mA when detecting, 15mA in standby
  • Relay output – 30VAC/DC 1 amp N/O (close in Alarm) or N/C (open in Alarm) contact; please specify
  • 3m Signal cable comes as standard (4 core low voltage 0.5mm alarm cable)
  • Mounting Bracket – Floor standing bracket made from stainless steel with two 5mm diameter fixing holes

Optional Features

  • You can change the length of the signal cable between 3m to 100m (4 core low voltage 0.5mm alarm cable)
  • Choose to have floor or wall mounted stainless steel brackets.
  • Please specifiy whether you would like the sensor to be Normally Open or Normally Closed.


Data Sheet

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