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Distance Leak Measuring Alarm One to Four Zone – Type DMWD

Application of Distance Leak Measuring Alarm – Type DMWD

We designed the Distance Leak Measuring Alarm to detect water leaks in up to four independent zones. The DMWD Distance Leak Measuring Alarm proves highly effective in applications involving stud, floor and ceiling wall voids. Ideal in locations where the water leak cable will not be moved once installed. You can equip each zone with 10m to 50m of water leak detection cable. Once the system detects a leak, it activates the distance measurement circuit. This accurately determines the distance between the leak and the starting point of the detection cable.

This alarm features an audible warning device and a convenient mute push button. It also has volt-free contacts that seamlessly integrate with your Building Management System (BMS).

Additionally, you have the flexibility to include a water shut-off valve in the system. This valve automatically shuts off the water supply upon detecting a leak, effectively mitigating water damage and safeguarding your property. Furthermore, you can also have the option to fit an SMS text messaging unit and a flashing/audible beacon for alarm indication.

The benefits of the DMWD Distance Leak Measuring Alarm

  • Effective Leak Detection: Upon detecting a water leak, the DMWD immediately raises an alarm. The large backlit alpha numeric display clearly shows the distance to the leak. Once the leak has been resolved, the DMWD unit automatically switches to ‘system reset’.
  • Accurate Measurement: The system excels in detecting water leaks with a precision of +/- 1m.
  • Long Lasting Performance: Our water leak system boasts a unique bi-directional (AC) signal. This feature extends the lifespan of the leak sensors by preventing electrolysis and equipment degradation associated with water leak detection.
  • Flexibility: The Distance Leak Measuring Alarm provides flexibility with sensitivity potentiometers in each zone, enabling you to adjust the sensitivity level based on specific requirements. Consequently, this feature is particularly useful for areas that require extra vigilance. Such as locations with high humidity or water splashes. Additionally, the unit includes volt-free contacts for a common alarm, allowing seamless integration with a Building Management System (BMS).

Additional Resources on Water Leak Detection

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Optional Equipment
Water Shut Off Valve - to stop a leak at it's source Beacon Sounder - for remote alarm indication SMS Text Messaging System - sends a text to up to 3 users 12 Hour Battery Backup Repeat Alarm Unit Type SCA

Summary of features

  • The 180mm wide x 180mm high x 80mm deep
  • Alarm unit can be supplied as a 1, 2, 3 or 4 zone system.
  • Distance measurement in metres to the source of a leak.
  • Large back lit alpha numeric display.
  • Internal Zone Alarm and Fault lamps.
  • With the exception of mains power, all terminals are of the plug and socket type.
  • Bi-directional DC signal in the sensors to stop electrolyses and polarisation.
  • Individual Zone sensitivity adjustment allowing any zone to be set for high to low sensitivity.
  • Zone signal isolation to stop multiple alarms due to sensors coming into contact with Earth.
  • Common Alarm and Common Fault connection to Building Management System (BMS.

Optional features

Data Sheet

Installation Manual

  • Water shutoff valve control with internal valve closed lights.
  • Individual zone alarm relay contacts for onward signal to a BMS.
  • Optional zone alarm water shutoff valves to turn off the water source when a leak is detected.
  • Alarm output to a flashing Beacon and/or Mutable Sounder.
  • Optional SMS text messaging unit.
  • Optional battery backup.

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