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Single or Two Zone Water Leak Detection Alarm Type LD2-3 & LD2-3V

LD2-3 Water Detection Alarm: Innovative Solution for Water Leak Detection

Discover the LD2-3 water detection alarm, a cutting-edge solution designed for both residential and industrial applications. Our expert team developed this advanced water alarm system specifically for one and two zone water leak detection. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable spot sensors or a water detection rope, offering leak detection capabilities for various areas such as server rooms, plant rooms, tea points, and toilet areas.

How LD2-3 Water Leak Detectors Work: Advanced Features for Effective Water Damage Prevention

Our water leak sensors boast a unique feature that sets them apart from the competition—they employ a bi-directional (AC) signal. By doing so, these sensors significantly extend their lifespan by preventing electrolysis and degradation of the water leak detection equipment. Curious about the risks associated with low-quality water detection cables? Gain valuable insights by reading our informative blog post on ‘Warning: Cheap Water Detection Cable from China.’

Upon detecting a water leak, the LD2-3 display will flash, indicating the precise location of the leak. Additionally, an audible warning device will activate, and the common alarm relay will close. Even after removing the water from the sensor, the unit will continue to operate in this alert state. To silence the alarm, simply mute the sounder, which will simultaneously stop the display from flashing.

Benefits of Implementing the LD2-3 Water Detection Alarm: Effortless Leak Identification

With its backlit alphanumeric display unit, the LD2-3 offers unparalleled leak detection capabilities. Identifying the source of the water leak has never been easier, thanks to this user-friendly feature.

Moreover, the LD2-3 includes a cable fault alarm feature. Any disconnection between the sensors and the controller will trigger a “Sensor Fault” alarm, ensuring you stay informed and prepared.

Each zone can accommodate a range of spot sensors or up to 50 meters of linear water detection cable. Furthermore, the standard configuration includes monitoring of the interconnecting cable between the sensors and the control unit.

For optimal customization, each zone is equipped with a sensitivity potentiometer. Adjust individual zones to high sensitivity for areas requiring extra vigilance or low sensitivity for locations with high humidity or water splashes.

The unit also offers a common alarm set of volt-free contacts, allowing seamless integration with Building Management Systems (BMS), telephone diallers, and control systems.

Additional Features: Battery Backup, Flashing Audible Beacon and SMS Text Messaging.

Our LD2-3 water detection alarm offers optional battery backup, providing uninterrupted operation during power outages. It also features outputs for connecting to beacons, beacon sounders, and SMS text messaging units.

Choose the LD2-3 water detection alarm for superior leak detection capabilities and comprehensive protection against water damage. Invest in a solution that combines cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and advanced customization options.

Optional Equipment
Water Shut Off Valve - to stop a leak at it's source Water Leak Detection Cable - to detect a leak anywhere along it's length Beacon Sounder - for remote alarm indication SMS Text Messaging System - sends a text to up to 3 users 12 Hour Battery Backup Water Leak Detection Spot Probe Repeat Alarm Unit Type SCA

LD2-3 vs. LD2-3V: A Closer Look at the Differences

If you’re seeking an added layer of control, consider the LD2-3V Water Detection Alarm. This variant includes valve control functionality. In the event of a water leak, the Alarm panel will automatically shut-off the ball-valve, effectively stopping the water supply to the affected area and mitigating further damage. Additionally, an internal valve shutdown override push button enables water services to be restored while waiting for the cable to dry out.

Why we use Actuated Ball Valves

CMR Electrical were one of the first Water Leak Detection companies in the UK to use Actutated Ball Valves. Read this article to discover the Benefits of Actuated Ball Valves in water detection systems. Find out why we rarely use Solenoid Valves.

Summary of the standard features:

  • Water leak detection cable or spot probe or a combination of both can be used
  • Alpha numeric display for ease of Alarm identification from a distance
  • On board audible warning device to alert local operators of a problem
  • Alarms latched until Mute operated to give indication of transient water leaks
  • As standard, a common zone fault or power fault relay for onward signalling to a BMS
  • As standard, a common water detected alarm relay for onward signalling to a BMS
  • Monitoring of each zone cable and sensor to ensure continuity and integrity
  • Individual Zone sensitivity adjustment allowing any zone to be set for high to low sensitivity
  • A Bi-directional DC signal in the sensors to stop electrolyses and polarisation
  • Zone Alarm test push button located inside to panel

Optional Features:

Data Sheet

Installation Manual

The following options can be added to the standard unit, please advise options at the time of ordering;

  • Individual zone alarm volt free output contacts
  • Output to flashing Beacon
  • Output to Beacon sounder that stops when the “Mute” push button is operated
  • Text messaging when an alarm is generated
  • Remote repeat alarm unit with separate “Mute” push button type SCA
  • Water valve shutdown using our LD2-2V range
  • 12 hour Battery backup

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