Looking for Water leaks whilst you sleep

To help prevent expensive reconstruction work and loss of revenue due to water damage caused by leaks or burst pipework, two floors of the newly built Aerotel hotel at London Heathrow’s terminal 3 have been fitted with two multi zonal water leak detection systems manufactured by CMR Electrical Ltd.

The 82 bedroom hotel has been constructed with a service cupboard between adjoining bedrooms. These cupboards contain all the hot and cold water services required to feed two bathrooms one on each side.  Also contained within the cupboards are two openings at floor level in the dividing partition walls to allow any water leaks from within either bathroom, to flow onto the cupboards sealed bunded floor.

CMR Electrical were asked by the contractor HB Technical Services Ltd, to attend site carryout a survey and recommend a design proposal that allowed all 43 service cupboards to be independently monitored for water leaks. The design brief included displaying the exact location of the leak i.e. “Water Leak Detected room 203/206”, the need for all cabling to be monitored for disconnection or damage and connection to the building management system (BMS) to report a found water leak.

After the survey, it was agreed that the best system for this type of application would be a multizone LD64 system, one for level 1, and one for level 2. Both systems would contain an alarm unit, six 4-zone leak detection outstations and 22 water leak detection cables. Each service cupboard was to be fitted with a length of water detection cable positioned around all four cupboard walls, clipped to the floor directly underneath the water services pipe work. All detection cable were then to be wired back to the appropriate outstation and the outstations cabled back to the LD64 alarm unit.

The LD64 system has been designed for easy installation, for this reason all the installation work and commissioning was undertaken by HB Technical Services Ltd with CMR Electrical providing all necessary equipment, technical installation drawings and instructions.

Has the installation been worth it…well apparently Yes, it has been reported to us that some time after installation and commissioning the system detected a leak in one of the cupboards which was dealt with before it did any damage.

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