Water Leak
Detection Systems

Optical Alarm Type OLS

One & two zone optical detection of water leaks with audible warning, visual indication, Mute alarm push button and alarm relay for onward signalling. Both floor standing or wall mounted sensor are available. Used for drip trays bunded areas or dirty areas where detection cable would get damaged.

Optional Equipment
Water Shut Off Valve - to stop a leak at it's source Beacon Sounder - for remote alarm indication SMS Text Messaging System - sends a text to up to 3 users Water Leak or Oil Leak Detection Optical Sensor

This unit has been designed to detect water using optical spot sensors in areas such as sump tanks, bunded areas, drip trays etc. where dirt or dampness can accumulate.


The mode of operation is the principle of total internal reflection. An LED and photo-transistor are housed in a plastic (Polysulfone) dome. When no water is present, light from the LED is internally reflected from the dome to the photo-transistor. When water comes into contact with the dome, the effective refractive index at the dome-water boundary changes allowing some light from the LED to escape. Thus the amount of light received by the photo-transistor is reduced indicating the presence of water.



  • Alphanumeric display for ease of Alarm identification from a distance
  • On board audible warning device to alert local operators of a problem
  • Alarms latched until Mute operated to give indication of transient water leaks
  • Common alarm relay to onward signal to a BMS or used to shutdown water valves
  • Optional output to remote sounder beacon
  • Optional output to SMS text messaging system

Data Sheet
OLS2-3 Information

Installation Manual

Data Sheet
OLS4-3 information

Installation Manual
OLS4-3 Manual

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