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Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or you manage property portfolios, it is important to protect your premises against water damage.

Two of the most common sources of water damage are leaking pipes and burst water pipes. Unfortunately, we often cannot see pipe damage until it is too late.

In order to prevent serious damage being done through faulty pipes, it is essential to install a water leak system that will detect a problem before disaster hits.

Water detection systems will alert you to even the smallest of leaks so that you can resolve them quickly.

The Benefits of Installing Water Leak Detection Systems

Many insurance companies in the UK encourage home and business owners to install water leak detection equipment in the same way that they would routinely install fire alarms.

You will find that the cost of your insurance premiums may fall if you install such a system, as companies understand that you are doing everything you can in order to prevent water damage.

By detecting a damaged pipe, you can prevent your home from being destroyed by water damage. Water can quickly cause mold and damp as well as ruining furniture and belongings.

water leak detection system

How Water Leak Detection Systems Work

CMR Electrical water leak detection systems can monitor up to 16 different leak zones and will give you audible and visual warning signs that alert you to an issue. 

Whether you have a flood in your utility room or if the tea point in your office has a problem – our built-in-house systems will enable you to spring into action straight away.

Our systems are particularly beneficial to owners of properties that are unoccupied, such as schools over summer or empty office buildings.

If left for long periods, leaking water can cause much more damage than it would if it was detected and dealt with promptly.

Types of Systems Available

CMR Electrical has two systems available: Singles Zone and One and Two Zone.

The single zone system is designed with homeowners and office managers in mind, as it can detect leaks in small areas, such as drinking areas, vending machine areas and kitchens. One and Two zone alarms are better for raising an alarm when water leaks onto the cable or the probe of the system. An audible warning and visual indication are employed so that you can get to work fast on resolving an issue with larger leaks.

Our systems have battery back up in the case of any electrical issues and they use the latest technology to give you peace of mind.

CMR Electrical

CMR Electrical has a range of water leak detection systems that have been specifically designed to identify a leak and turn off the water supply when it is detected.

All of our systems can be used to detect liquid leaks from equipment or areas containing water, such as bathrooms, kitchens, office water tanks and any pipes.  

To find out more about our product range please visit our website at CMR Electrical.com, phone us on 01825733600 or fill in the Get in Touch form so we can contact you.


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