Plant-Room water leak detection alarm system for internet hosting centre in London

A large internet hosting centre in London having experienced a devastating water leak from cooling equipment contained within their seventh-floor plant-room, contacted CMR Electrical to design and supply all necessary water leak detection equipment, to provide an early warning system to help limit the damage if it ever happened again. Apparently, the leak was only discovered when water started pouring through the sixth-floor ceiling, over a customer’s expensive internet server equipment. The result of the leak being the loss of server time and damage to very expensive server equipment with costs mounting to a seven figure sum.

After viewing the plant-room layout drawings and a site visit, it was agreed to install water detection cable in 14 zones, around the footprint of each item of equipment that contained water such as pumps, chillers etc. It was also requested that the system needed to be expandable as the plant-room would be fitted with additional equipment in the future, and that each zone needed to be connected to the building management system (BMS) to give a quick response to a leak by maintenance staff.



To meet the requirements of the specification, a bespoke 14, expandable to 20 zone water detection system was supplied built from our LD64 range of equipment. This included battery backup, mutable beacon and other items as shown in the list below. In total 470 metres of water detection cable was supplied in lengths of 10 metres to allow ease of installation and replacement, to cover 14 areas of plant.  To stop the detection cable being damaged in walkway areas, 35 x 35mm perforated stainless steel capping was provided. This capping was designed to be fitted to the plant room floor and sized to allow the water detection cable to be installed or removed with ease.







             Total Equipment supplied

liquid leak detection system

1   x  LD64 water leak detection alarm

4   x  Four zone leak detection outstations

1   x  Mutable Beacon Sounder

20  x  Zone alarm contacts for interface to the BMS

1   x  System Battery Backup

14  x  Intermediate (signal) cables 3m long

47  x  Pluggable 10m long water detection cables

400 x  Detection cable fixing clips

20  x  Metres of perforated stainless steel cable capping


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