Why Choose CMR Electrical?

At CMR Electrical we feel that we provide leak detection equipment and a level of service that stands head and shoulders above the competition, and whilst there are other options available to purchase leak detection devices; in this article we’re going to explain why we are the number 1 choice for leak detection equipment in the UK, and more importantly why you should consider installing our equipment in your business and home.

In-House Manufacturing

In-House Manufacturing
At CMR we manufacture all of our leak detection equipment in house, so whether you’re looking for water or oil detection or temperature alarms; our skilled team at CMR have a solution for you. Because we don’t farm out the design or manufacture of our equipment we are able to set and advise our clients of realistic lead times for every piece of equipment that we sell, meaning that you won’t be left waiting for a vital piece of equipment to arrive without any idea of when it will turn up.

Because we design and manufacture our equipment in house we’re in a perfect position to offer fully customised equipment that has been tailored to your needs and requirements. For instance if your premises is rather large but contains a number of locations that have varying degrees of sensitivity to leaks, or has areas that require more attention than others; we can provide multi-zone systems that can be fully customised to your needs.

Experience in Different places

Swimming Pool
We have been providing our services for over 25 years, and in that time we have worked on an extensive range of different premises and sectors, giving us an expansive knowledge of how different leak detection equipment will perform and what provides the best solution. For example; not long ago we installed two customised RWM water detection modules at the Barbican Centre to help with a ‘Rain Room‘ to prevent any possible damage in what was an exceptionally specialised task. We’ve also worked on a swimming pool in Saudi Arabia, a hospital in Glasgow and many other locations, with our work taking to different places, sectors and environments.

Detection for All Environments

We offer a wide variety of products that are suitable for almost any environment, with previous clients installing our leak detection equipment everywhere from tea preparation areas through to industrial plant settings. While many of our clients use our detection equipment to save potential damage to valuable machinery, computers and servers, there many who use them to protect valuable possessions from coming to harm. This can include less functional items such as pieces of art galleries, books in libraries and even old fashioned archived documents that while still important may not be accessed on a frequent basis to be able to identify and assess any leaks.

Sensors for Water, Oil and Temperature

Oil Leak
Many alternative offerings of leak detection devices focus solely on the detection of water leaks, and while we offer this vital service at CMR, we also offer detection devices for oil leaks which are essential in plant and manufacturing environments, as well as temperature alarms. In some scenarios it may be necessary to use all three of these types of sensors and alarms to ensure maximum safety, but rest assured that at CMR our experienced team are available to provide you with advice on which systems will be beneficial to you for your circumstances, and we might even be able to suggest other areas that you have yet to consider.

Detection and Alarm Accessories

Type LD64
We provide a complete service at CMR, and in addition to designing and manufacturing a range of customisable detection systems, we also offer a range of accessories to ensure that your leak detection system can run continuously efficiently. The accessories and additional sensors that we offer can also be used to expand the capabilities of your leak detection system, beyond what it was capable of during its initial installation. This can include taking advantage of previously unused zones on systems such as the LD64 Water Detection Alarm which is capable of detecting between 4 and 64 zones at any given time, making locating the source of a leak swift and straightforward.

Contact the Detection Experts

At CMR Electrical we have the skills and experience needed to provide you with leak detection systems that represent the standard in the industry, but as our systems can be tailored to the individual needs of your business we highly recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements to ensure that you get the best from your system. You can easily contact a knowledgeable and friendly member of the team by completing our contact form, sending an email to, calling 01825 733 600 or by sending a fax to 01825 714 729.

There is also lots of information on our FAQ page, where you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions.