Combined water leak and room over temperature alarm for server rooms Type CWT-2

Water Leak and Room High Temperature Alarm type CWT2-2


CMR Electrical Ltd have lunched an updated version of their combined water leak detection and room over temperature alarm system. The new unit known as the CWT-2 alarm,  will replace the old but well established CWT system that used standard thermostats, had no temperature display and just LED lamp indication lamps. The new unit has been designed to include a number of features requested over the years by our customers as well as a number of optional features as outline below. The CWT system was introduced to the market to give a cost effective solution for small server rooms against damage and down time caused by water leaks and high room temperature. Whilst the majority of small server rooms don’t contain a source of water, we have had several reports of damage caused by water getting into the server room from sources outside such as office tea points, vending machines or plant room equipment mounted on the floor above the server room. Temperature damage to serves can be caused by faulty or underrated air conditioning. Advanced warning that the room temperature is about to go critical can help prevent server damage by allowing personnel to take remedial action to reduce the room temperature. For unmanned server rooms, the addition of our SMS/Email unit will send text messages and or emails to all personnel involved with the server room when a water leak or high room temperature is detected.





Standard Features

Optional Features





The system can also be used in other applications including plant rooms, cool rooms, blood banks and small document storage rooms. In fact the unit can be used in any environment where both a water leak or high room temperature can cause damage to equipment, services or documents.






For more information  visit our room temperature alarm page ,or  Get in touch with us at CMR Electrical, so we can advise you on the best  system for your application.