How to select the correct type of water leak detection Sensor for your application

We often get asked for advice on the type of sensor best used for particular applications, so we have compiled the following list to help our customers. All the following sensors work with any of our range of Water Leak Alarms.

Air Conditioning Drip Trays
Two sensors are available, the optical DTS sensor designed to sit in a drip tray, IP65 rated with no external electrical electrodes, and our leak detection cable type WDC4, this being very flexible, it can can be shaped around the tray for maximum coverage.


Water Detection Cable Drip Trays underneath Water or Chilled Water Pipework  
For long runs of drip trays our water detection cable type WDC4 is best suited as it can be serpentine in the tray to give maximum coverage.


Water or Chilled water Pipes with no Drip Tray
Our WDC4 detection cable can be fixed to the underside of the pipework along its entire length so any leak will be detected. Whilst care should be taken not to over tighten, cable ties can be used around the pipe at approximately 1 to 1.5 metre intervals.


Service pits, Sump or Drain Pits
The best sensor for this application is our Optical spot probe. With no exposed electrical electrodes, this sensor is not susceptible to impact damage to the sensing part of it. Being IP65 rated, the sensor can be screwed to the inside of pit and fully submerged in water.

Room perimeter monitoring and underfloor areas.
Two sensors are available, our standard WDC4 detection cable that will report a leak found anywhere along its length, and our DMWD cable, that when used with the DMWD alarm unit gives a measurement in metres from the controller to the leak. Both types of cable should be Clipped to the floor every 1 to 1.5 metres.


Office Tea points, Kitchens and Toilet Service Corridors
Our LD1V kit has been designed for tea points and small detection areas. The kit uses the WDC4 water detection cable and can be supplied with a shutoff valve to turn the water off. On larger areas using one of our other alarm units, our WDC4 cable can be run underneath shower trays, baths, kitchen units and utility rooms.


Liquid leak sensor sensors Plant rooms
In most plant rooms equipment is normally lifted onto concrete plinth’s about 10cm high so water leaks can’t do any damage. Well that’s the theory, in practice we have see plant rooms were a major leak wasn’t detected until the water level reached the electrical power supply within the plant. For maximum protection our WDC4 detection cable can be run around the perimeter of the room. However, because a thin film of water on the plant room floor isn’t a problem, our ODS alarm unit can be used with a number of optical spot probes in key locations .


Underground water pipe between building
The flow based WPLD system will monitor the amount of water at both ends of a pipe and if it sees a loss in the quantity of water from one end of the pipe to the other, will automatically shut off the water flow to stop further water loss.



BREEAM Compliant Leak Detection for an entire building or large area where conventional leak detect is not suitable.
The BLDA-2 system will cover both the outside water pipe feeding the building as well as the entire water pipework within the building. For applications where only the building, or a small part of the building needs to be monitored, our BLDA-1 can be used.



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