Room temperature alarm with adjustable -30°C to +50°C high and low alarm settings

After a number of requests from our customers, we have enhanced our RTA range of room over temperature alarms to include both high and low alarm settings. Two systems are available, one with a temperature range of 0°C to +50°C the other -30°C to +50°C. Both systems display the current temperature in centigrade and contain an under-temperature alarm set point and over temperature set point. Full adjustment of the alarm trip points is from internal, easy to use, push buttons. The adjustment buttons have been mounted internally stop personnel from tampering with or inadvertently changing the critical alarm settings. When the temperature exceeds one of the set points, the display will freeze to show the temperature at which the alarm was instigated and display the nature of the alarm either “high temperature alarm” or “low temperature alarm”. Also, the internal audible warning will sound, the display will flash to indicate a current alarm and the common alarm volt free contact will change state. Once the “Mute” push button is pressed, the display will stop flashing, the current temperature and the nature of the alarm will be displayed. Two further volt free contacts are available upon request, one to change state on low alarm the other for high alarm. The common alarm contact is rated at 5A 230VAC and can be used for onward signalling or to control plant. The individual alarm contacts are intended to give onward signalling as to the type of alarm be it high or low to Building Management System or other alarm or communication unit. Both system upon request, can be supplied with a mutable sounder / flashing beacon and or an SMS text messaging/email system that will advice up to 100 personnel via the mobile network of the alarm.


For hazardous or explosive areas, use our ATEX rated sensor.

Application for this type of system include, but is not limited to, rooms that store; blood, chemicals, food, Lithium-Ion batteries, explosives or any substance that becomes critical or deteriorates due to both a high or low temperature.


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