Water Leak Detection

Looking for Water leaks whilst you sleep

To help prevent expensive reconstruction work and loss of revenue due to water damage caused by leaks or burst pipework, two floors of the newly built Aerotel hotel at London Heathrow’s terminal 3 have been fitted with two multi zonal water leak detection systems manufactured by CMR Electrical Ltd. The 82 bedroom hotel has been […]

Top Ways To Avoid A Water Leak

Water Leak Detection Sensors There are plenty of things that you want to avoid as a business, and property damage at your premises is high on the list. Having to repair or replace your property can cost you dearly in time, money, and lost business. Water damage is one problem that’s often never thought about […]

What Water Leak Detection Manufacturers Want You To Know About Leaks

Many businesses don’t take action against leaks until it’s too late. A pipe bursts, or the roof gets damaged, and then you’re dealing with water flooding into your premises. It’s a nightmare for any business, and can cost you a serious amount of money in repairs and lost business or stock. Here’s what water […]

Why Do You Need A Liquid Leak Detection System?

As a company, you’re more dependent on technology than ever before for the smooth running of your business. Whether that’s manufacturing equipment for water leakage detection systems or room over temperature alarms, you need those systems to work. If they don’t, the effects could cause devastating damage. In this article we will discuss why having […]

Bespoke Leak Detection Systems

At CMR Electrical we have over 25 years of experience in providing our clients with solutions to power distribution and water and oil leak issues, and in that time one thing has become apparent; although the problems that we deal with are of a similar nature they often occur in very unique scenarios. Because of […]

Proactive Leak Management Saves You Money

Water is a valuable commodity beyond compare. As human beings we need it just to survive, and whilst it’s available in abundance on our quaint blue and green planet, we do have a horrible habit of wasting it. Whilst this may seem like we’re gearing up for a ‘save the planet’ rant, rest assured, that’s […]

Water Detection at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5

CMR Electrical have provided thirty five water leak detection sensors type RWM for  Heathrow Airport’s Terminal five. All 35 sensors  were provided with different lengths of water detection cable and were used to look for leaks from a number of toilet areas. The RWM sensor was selected because no central alarm unit was required, instead […]